DIY Plant Stand Ideas

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

This Is How a Swede Designs a Tiny Brooklyn Apartment

There are two kinds of interior decorators. Those that collect houseplants and those that don’t. No one ever has just one houseplant in their home. If you have one, you probably have seven just in your living room. With all those leafy greens, it’s easy to run out of space on your bookshelf and coffee table and every other surface your home provides. So before you start thinking about buying more bookshelves, let me introduce you to your best plant-loving friend, the plant stand. These towers and tables are made for giving your emerald beauties a place to call home.

Creative Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

Interior plants supply great deals of benefits not just for residences however furthermore for offices and various other locations. They way you reveal them similarly has a crucial impact on the method they affect you and the layout. store-bought planters would certainly make points a lot much easier, however after that your plants will certainly be doing not have character. The checklist listed below tasks are rather standard.

1.Little Oak Plant Stand

Wood Bench- step stool- Handcrafted - OAK - foot stool- plant stand- step Bench -kids stool- time out chair- doll bench -photo prop


as a minimalist you certainly want to make this look simpler. the idea of a small wooden idea that stands up fits you why this DIY plant stand can only fit one plant pot per each stand.

2. Basket Plant Stand

Round Basket Plant Stand, Small

Basket Plant Stands are a great way to literally and figuratively elevate your plant. stands come paired with a Terracotta Pot for your convenience and look good clustered with other plants in a focal point of your home, or placed simply beside a sofa, bookshelf or T.V unit.

Plant stands are great for bringing smaller plants into view and showing off plants with interesting foliage patterns, as well as giving a plant extra height.

3. A Framed Plant Stand

Plant Flower Display Stand 3 Tier Wooden Plant Ladder Indoor Outdoor Flower Ladder

this a-frame stand indoors in winter, then move it outside, plants and all, when the weather warms up. Create a stunning flower display and elevate fragrant and colorful plants so you can enjoy them close-up. Wood is treated with a non-toxic, eco-friendly preservative and the stand folds flat for storage.

4. Pole Plant Stand

Discover ideas about Modern Plant Stand

maybe putting a plant on the ground or hanging it is a normal thing, so one idea to make it more visible is to hang a shelf with a standing pole. This DIY stand is suitable for outdoor or indoor decoration.

5. Cherry Wood Plant Stand

Marble Round Plant Stand with Cherry Wood Finish

When it is summer is very easy to keep your plants outdoors, on the porch or even on the balcony if you live in a flat. But once autumn comes and the weather gets colder and colder, you have to take all your plants inside in order to protect them from cold weather. Well, it is not so easy to find the right spot for every flower pot because not all the corners in your house are perfect for this. You can place them by the window, on the shelves, but also on some specially designed plant stands. This Cherry Wood Plant Stand is perfect because it is made of wood and looks great within the general design of your home.

6. Deco Screen Plant Stand DIY


This DIY plant stand jobs for outside accessory. If it is put within your house, it may take too much room.

Being placed outside, the plant stand idea makes your patio looks better as well as welcoming. This plant stand has a whole lot of room for potted plants, so it can fit as several as feasible.

7. DIY Hanging Plant Stand Ideas


This is a hanging do it yourself plant stand from rope as well as a pot. You will certainly need a small dimension trap your recommended shade as well as a pot for the plant. This is among the straightforward plant stand ideas that can enhance your creative thinking.

8. Cement On The Top And Copper Base

Read it DIY copper plant stands | Sarah Sherman Samuel

Plant stand ideas are only restricted to exactly how you see valuable things around you. Concrete can also be used for do it yourself plant stand with copper base to sustain it.

This houseplant appropriates for either indoor or outdoor, since it breaks down a calming ambience, yet it does not look ‘heavy’.

9. DIY Wire Plant Stand


These are really simple DIY plant stands. By utilizing cord that you are no longer using, you can develop these modern as well as imaginative plant stands.

They are really proper for any type of also surface area around your house. Considering that they are little, they will not consume way too much area. These plant stand ideas appropriate for you that enjoy tiny size plants.

10. Marble Top Plant Stand

O'Neil Faux Marble Top Pedestal Plant Stand in Cherry

This DIY plant stand is ideal for either outside or interior. These plant stand ideas are made of square marble in the surface area and also 4 legs to sustain it.

The legs can be made of anything that solid sufficient to stand up the marble. It appropriates for your living-room, near the fireplace, so the cozy feeling is gone along with by the plants’ coziness.

11. Leaning Ladder Plant Stand

A winter ladder plant stand, with memories attached - Funky Junk Interiors

Some individuals like to be bordered by green view. If you intend to have similar experience even in the cooking area, this DIY plant stand of leaning ladder works completely for you.

It is made of woods, similar to the common ladder but smaller sized. The plants are hanged on each action. This plant stand ideas is proper with rather tiny plants.

12. Synthetic Dachshund Planter

Planting in Ceramic Pottery Without a Drainage Hole

This DIY plant stand is unique as well as unusual. Its rarity can be seen from its form that is a Dachshund pet dog.

This is one of several plant stand ideas that will certainly enhance the appearance of your area. For interior concept, it is ideal for table or the flooring.

13. Midcentury Modern Plant Stand

Mid century modern plant stand, original design for large or small planter, hand made solid wood, made in canada, pot not included.

It is rather tough to locate antique plant stand that matches modern-day style. Nonetheless, this DIY plant stand breaks all the lines. This indoor design can mix the uniqueness of midcentury design with modern air. You can position it beside tiny cabinet, side table or analysis sofa. These sort of plant stand ideas are popular nowadays!

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

These DIY plant stand ideas can not only increase your indoor planting space but also enhance the beauty of your home.

1.Do It Yourself Tiered Plant Stand

Easy DIY Indoor Garden Tips and Tricks

Your creativity to make DIY stands becomes a higher level like a tiered plant stand.
this booth can be placed in a corner of the room or hung. usually a booth like this is placed behind the house.

2. DIY Mini Cube Plant Stand

 DIY Mini Cube Plant Stand

If you have a modern style décor in your home, this modern cube stand will blend in just perfectly. It is simple and does not have a lot going on which is a great thing.

When building this cube plant stand, you can opt to include the fretwork on the sides or leave it out altogether.
Of course leaving the fretwork makes the project even easier but adding the does add some oomph to the DIY plant stand. Whichever design you choose.

3. Modern Brass Legs Stand Plant

Vibeke on Instagram: “Kitchen counter🌿 . C for coffee? Plakat fra ☺️ Håper dere har hatt en fin lørdag! Vi har vært over hele Stockholm i dag…”

This DIY plant stand is easy to make as well! For the plant stand ideas, you require a container, four golden legs and some screws. This set is really appropriate for both indoor and also outdoor location.

4. DIY Pipeline Plant Stand

Make A Simple DIY Copper Plant Stand

If you see pipelines lying around, glue them with each other right into plant stand. These sorts of plant stand ideas are typically interior plants. Its tiny dimension makes it best to fit any type of space in the house.

5. High Square DIY Plant Stand


the majority of people like to place pots in the room as decorations, but the idea of standing plants can be placed inside or outside the room.

6. Beautiful and Welcoming Outdoor Plant Stand

Sunnydaze French Lily Design Three-Tiered Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand, Set of Two

We see a home by how it searches the outside. This nice outside plant stand is made from timber. It contains four wooden legs and also a cross on top to sustain the plant.

This gorgeous plant stand idea is well-fitted before the front door to provide an inviting ambience for your visitor.

7. Plant Stand Bench

Rustic plant stand wood bench | Farmhouse entryway bench | Primitive farmhouse front porch plant stand bench | Coffee side table

Looking for something simple and country-fied? Build a narrow bench that you can place in front of your window. Not only will it hold your plants in rustic style, it will act as a side table for the perfect reading nook.

8. DIY Mini Copper Plant Stand


It is little, yet adequate to illuminate the state of mind of the space. It can fit three potted plants in little sizes. The plants are hanging mid-air. These indoor plant stand ideas are ideal for rooms with little rooms.

9. Midcentury Modern Plant Stand With Gold Legs

Stratus Standing Planters

Elevate your greenery in sleek, mid-century style with our Turned Leg Planter. It stands on sculptural, solid wood legs with a glazed ceramic bowl that easily fits with any style.

10. Do It Yourself Air Plant Stand


DIY hanging air plants succulence plant store san francisco is one images from air plant wall hanger ideas of DMA Homes photos gallery.

11. Piano Stool DIY Plant Stand

Plant Stand from a Repurposed Piano Stool

With some bit of creativity, you can turn just about any furniture into a plant stand. you will learn how to convert a piano stool into a plant stand.
The result is a cute plant stand resembling a piece of art an engineer could have come up with.

12. DIY Barrette Plant Stand

15 DIY Plant Stands to Fill Your Home With Greenery

Barrette plant stand ideas are typically placed at the bottom of staircase, near the small cabinet. this indoor diy plant stand requires a round wood to place the plants on. It does not eat much space, which is why it fits almost anywhere.

13. Side Table Plant Stand


The substantial trays on these round plant tables are crafted from a durable stone composite and rest securely on acacia wood legs. Create a miniature garden by planting directly into the trays, or arrange a group of potted plants. Use indoors, or outdoors in covered areas. No drainage holes. Use waterproof liners or saucers to protect the composite surface and prevent water stains. The grain of the natural acacia wood legs will vary.

14. Angled DIY Plant Stand

Angled Black Outdoor Plant Stand + Reviews | CB2

This angled outdoor plant stand idea is well-fitted in your porch. It can fit at least four medium size plants. The design is very modern and artistic. Black paint looks well-suited to the gray wall and the wooden floor.

15. DIY Wood Planter Stand


We’re absolutely in love with this low-riding, wooden plant stand that can hold a plethora of different bits of green.

16. DIY Sandals Plant Stand


These unique sandals planters make great use of old shoes and sandals. Some have seen their better day and some look like new but all showcase indoor plants in new and unusual ways.
These creative ideas to recycle footwear turn one man’s trash into a garden lover’s treasure. Many of the planters use succulents, but annuals and perennials can also be used as long as the size is right.

17. Concrete Plant Stand


For this fun lite stool, all you will need is a bag of concrete, a dowel, and a bucket. The most tasking bit of the project might be the mixing of the concrete in the bucket.

Actually, this is the only step. The rest of the time as per the tutorial, you will be waiting for the concrete to dry with the dowels dipped inside.

18. DIY Hanging Seamless Gutter Stand


If you do not have enough floor space to hold your plant stand, do not lose hope yet. You can also make use of the free wall. Your plants will act as a perfect piece of art on your wall.
To create this DIY plant stand, you will need a 0.75-inch pine board, a rope, and zip ties to hold the boards in place.

19. Rawer DDIY Plant Stand


The Honeycomb Home has this raw, rustic plant stand featured on their blog including a tutorial. Think about this for your covered porch or foyer.

20. Do It Yourself Wood Piece Stand


Personalize your desk space and display your best shots with a DIY picture holder that calls for nothing more than a little wood, spray paint, and some inspiration. Add color as needed.

21. DIY Tower Plant Stand


Transform it right into this very easy DIY plant stand. You require to inspect it if it can still stand highly. After that, you need to paint it with a brand-new color. Currently, you can use it as one of plant stand ideas for exterior.

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