15+ House Design Trends That Rocked in Years 2018

2018 has been a rollercoaster of a year, to say the least. Yet like any other, it brought brand-new residence fads that we saw go from the residences of famous designers to our very own residences.

House Design Trends 2018

interior design trends for 2018

From modern steels to quirky accent pieces, we gathered up a listing of the things we saw one of the most in over the past 12 months on blog sites, in shops, and also all over our Pinterest boards.
Right here’s a look back at all of the fads we saw influencing our own residences as well as design styles in 2018.

1. Craftsmen Pieces


It’s not nearly just what the decor piece is anymore– it’s additionally about where it’s from. In 2017, we’ve seen artisan pieces and “manufacturer” products go mainstream, with business like West Elm working together with small style stores and furniture makers. Think of it as a follow-up to farm-to-table food in dining establishments.

2. House Design Trends Geometric Patterns

home decor trends that are over
house interior.com

Geometric patterns have actually been prominent for decades, however this year’s prominent prints handled a modern, Scandinavian-inspired appearance. Black and white checks and also tessellated layouts appeared on art work, textiles, also walls. And also you know everybody had that IKEA pillow.

3. House Design Trends Mid-Century Lighting

home decor trends winter 2017
Windermere Port Townsend.com

We’re rather encouraged that mid-century style will certainly never go out of design. So the permanence and investment in a brass, diverse lighting fixture shouldn’t be as terrifying as it seems. We’re seeing these spindly chandeliers appear all over in residences: cooking areas, dining spaces, bedrooms– also entrances.

4. House Design Trends Tech-free Living Areas

home decor trends to avoid
monitor.co. ug/

Popular interior developers as well as house influencers took a go back from modern technology this year, as well as we began to see living and rooms sans televisions. Even on Freshome, you saw– commenting “where’s the TELEVISION?” in spaces without a dedicated place for the tube.

5. Fur House Design Trends 

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Or faux fur, primarily. Taking a note from nordic style, we saw small throws of the unclear stuff threw over the rear of chairs or made right into stylish pillow cases. Despite just how you feel about it from a values viewpoint, it does include appearance to those minimally-style rooms that could err on the colder side.

6. Shiplap House Design Trends 

home decor color trends spring 2015
House of Hawthornes. com

Tender Loving Care’s Fixer Upper showcased a storybook southerly pair, Chip as well as Joanna, whose jaw-dropping remodellings had every person feeling the farmhouse-chic vibes this year.

Therefore interior design saw a substantial uptick in the appeal of Joanna’s favored attribute: Shiplap. Although numerous say regarding exactly what it in fact is, there’s no doubt that this horizontal, white-washed paneling came to be the residence layout buzzword in 2018.

7. Bulky, Reduced Furnishings

graphic design trends 2017

Directing the easygoing, relaxed furniture designs of the ’70s, we saw an increase in bulky furniture over the previous year. When adapting it to your personal residence, splurge for premium materials and also square arms. Because bean bag chairs still typically aren’t back stylishly yet.

8. Fish Scale Tiles House Design Trends 


So many of the diverse bathrooms we saw this year showcased fish scale floor tiles. This Moroccan-based, scalloped pattern is commonly found in a dazzling color of turquoise.

It has to do with as far from the minimalist subway tile appearance as you could obtain, and offers a welcome opportunity to earn any kind of bathroom really feel simply a little bit more detailed to the sea. Perfect for interior decoration lovers and also mermaids alike.

9. Shibori House Design Trends 

bathroom trends to avoid

Following the modern-day bohemian pattern, shibori turned up on almost every textile imaginable. This Japanese tie-dye style functions indigo and white as well as is a more muted version of the technicolor insanity we’re made use of to with timeless tie-dye. Look into our own list of Do It Yourself shibori jobs for your own house.

10. Two-Toned Kitchen cabinetry

Homedit. com

The contemporary cooking area is altering. This year, a great deal of that modification came with the popularity of two-toned kitchen area cabinets. Appears loud, but could in fact be much easier on the eye than single-toned cabinets when done right– assume black lower cabinets with white uppers. Numerous grays or vibrant and neutral are likewise faves.

10. Geodes House Design Trends  2018

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There’s no denying that there’s something enchanting about geodes. These mesmerizing rocks divided open to display great crystals at their core. In house layout, they make stunning bookends, coasters, even lamps. Rock on.

11. Matte Finishes

interior design trends 2017 uk
danny russo. com

On the opposite end of the shimmer spectrum, matte surfaces saw a rise in popularity this past year. The downplayed appeal and also refinement of this flat surface brought it to walls, countertops, and also devices. We believe this is just the start of house owners opting for level of smoothness rather than shine.

12. House Design Trends Warm Metals

Unik Interior Design. com

Gold and brass used to symbolize tasteless ’90s components, yet cozy metals have certainly picked up in the previous year. Copper as well as climbed gold also made their mainstream debuts. To avoid looking tacky, developers are opting for combed as well as matte variations of warm metals.

14. Marble Accessories

Marble Accessories

It was a huge year for marble. Jumping out of its normal function on countertops and floor covering, marble, and also specifically, Carrera marble, located it’s way right into every design item possible. Accent tables, offer ware, also the phone instance of the lady sitting beside me as I type this.

15. Blended Metals

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Feeling worried concerning going all gold whatever? Fortunately, this past year was the year to blend steels of all hues and coatings in the very same space. To draw this off, start tiny, and get imaginative with which accents that are metal. So if your wallpaper has a touch of silver, attempt a brass light.

What was your preferred residence layout pattern of 2018? Are there any kind of we missed? We would certainly love to hear from you, so reach out to us over social networks or in the comment area below!



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