20 Mind-Blowing DIY Coffee Bar Ideas and Organization Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

For some people, sipping coffee in the morning is part of their lifestyles. Therefore, establishing a coffee shop is quite promising. However, it is not only about creating delectable coffees, but also relaxing ambience that can bring excellent vibes. Let’s begin with DIY coffee bar ideas.

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas
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Coffee bar plays a crucial role in a coffee shop as it is the place where the barista concocts scrumptious coffees with his magic hands. But if you cannot aford a fancy coffee bar, a DIY coffee bar will always look great. Here are 20 mind-blowing DIY coffee bar ideas that you can try.

1. DIY Black Pipe Coffee Station

DIY Black Pipe Coffee Station
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Many people have been dying for steampunk style that features industrial look lately. Why don’t you try to add the style to your coffee bar?

These black pipes are a convenient way to add boldness and industrial look to your coffee bar. Besides being stylish, they are sturdy enough to support the table holding various kinds of things.

Bookshelves Turn Coffee bar

Bookshelves Turn Coffee bar

2. Vintage Coffee Station

Vintage Coffee Station
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Combining new and old things all together is one of the general principles of a vintage style which usually turns out very well. To get this vintage look, you do not need to spend much money because you can use some leftover. And do not forget to add some flowers to add more colors to the bar.

Tired Tray Coffee bar

Tired Tray Coffee bar

3. Rustic Coffee Bar ideas

Rustic Coffee Bar ideas
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The combination of black chalkboard and some distressed wood planks looks epic. The black matte board is such a multifunctional addition. It acts as a bold wallpaper that define the racks perfectly. You can also write anything on it. Not to mention the concrete countertop that completes the rustic look of this coffee bar very well.

Other things you can also include in your coffee bar

  • Mini chalkboard for putting down the menu for your coffee bar
  • Spotlight colour and pattern: this makes your coffee containers shines as bright as the stars
  • Storage space: you need all the space you can get in your DIY coffee bar so you could use the
  • space under your coffee table to maximize space. But if you are going to do this, you will need a basket to keep everything clean and well arranged.
  • Paints and artwork: You can arrange your artwork piece and decorative plates around your machine and bar to make it look stylish.
  • Black and white décor: decorating your bar with some black and white printed photos will bring out class and style in your coffee bar

4. Pallet Shelf Coffee Bar ideas

Pallet Shelf Coffee Bar ideas


If you do not have enough space for a large coffee bar, this nook will be your best bet. The black chalkboard makes a pretty good canvas that enables you to express your imagination. The mounted rack provides clear countertop for you to concoct delectable coffees.

5. Home Coffee Bar Design

home coffee bar design
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Instead of explaining to the customers what the difference between Americano and Espresso is, you can hang a chalkboard on the countertop containing pictures that explain all types of coffees in your menu. By doing so, your customer will know what to order without taking up so much time.

Coffee Bar cabinet

Coffee Bar cabinet

6. Splashing Color into Your Coffee Bar

Splashing Color into Your Coffee Bar

A coffee bar is not always decorated with black and white furniture and adornments. Using a wide array of bright colors is worth trying. It can give the touch of vintage style to your coffee bar and complement the subway tiles very much.

Pallet Shelf Coffee Bar

Pallet Shelf Coffee Bar

7. Morning Delight with Rustic Charm

Morning Delight with Rustic Charm

Imagine the moment you are sipping a cup of coffee in the morning while looking at the beautiful sun rising right from the window. Now you can make it true by creating a small coffee bar by the window.

The chalkboard defines the bar very well. It also provides the touch of boldness due to the black matte finish. Attaching some racks on it to hold some cups will accentuate the look of the bar.

8. A Bride Cafe at Your Home

A Bride Cafe at Your Home

Homelovr. comThis coffee bar will always conjure up the luxury of a wedding or tea party. White curvy console table is shoved against the wall functioning as a countertop. Just like most of coffee bars, the mini chalkboard hung above the table makes a pretty good adornment.

Some white plates and jugs are displayed on the top rack to make the coffee bar look more elegant. Not to mention the chandeliers that add the touch of luxury to the bar.

9. Energy on Wheels

Energy on Wheels coffe bar

A movable coffee bar is such a brilliant idea, just like this white coffee bar. It provides sufficient storage space to store various kinds of coffees, sugar, and creamer. It can also be used as your “stage” where you can perform some magic in making a cup of coffee.

The four tiny wheels enable you to move this coffee bar without breaking a sweat. Thus, it fits any corners of your coffee shop perfectly.

10. Bookshelf Coffee Station

Bookshelf Coffee Station
Baked Bree

A coffee bar does not have to be so masculine and bold. In fact, it can look as pretty as a tea party.

This coffee bar comes in an unsophisticated design which emphasizes on its function rather than the look. To perk it up, some colorful tea cups and photographs are arranged and hung meticulously. To get rid of clutter, a wire basket is added on the bottom shelf.

11. Holiday Coffee Station

Holiday Coffee Station

If you are crazy about rustic looks, but not really into drowning in so much carpentry stuff, you can try making this simple coffee bar.

A coat of varnish is added for the finishing touch to tidy up the final look of the bar without compromising the rustic look. Adding four tiny wheels enables you to move it wherever you want which makes it a top-notch coffee bar.

12. Diy Winter Coffee Station with a French Flair

Winter Coffee Station with a French Flair

This white coffee bar conjures up the charm of winter. With small Christmas tree on the top and some snowflakes on the shelf, it will always make a pretty good embellishment.

To create this look, you will only need an old console table. Upcycle it by removing the cabinet’s doors. By doing so, you will get an easier access to the shelves especially if you are rushed off your feet.

13. Simple Coffee Station design


This simple coffee station is a great place to start your day. It is not fancy, but it is definitely a place that you have been looking for. Everything you need to make a cup of masterpiece is available right in one spot.

14. Coffee Command Station with Chalkboard Accents

Coffee Command Station with Chalkboard Accents

Simple yet classy. This coffee bar packs a lot of fun for coffee lovers. The simple black and white with chalkboard accents will really make your day. It proves that being splendid dies not have to make you broke.

15. small coffee nook ideas

small coffee nook ideas

via www.pinterest.com

A coffee addict is going to love the design of this DIY coffee bar.  The distressed table gives the touch of rustic look to the room. A pendant light hanging over the movable shelves illuminates the table well. To make it more appealing, some eye-catching quotes are added.

16. How to Design a Coffee Bar for a Kitchen

How to Design a Coffee Bar for a Kitchen

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Add pop colors to the coffee bar to jazz your kitchen up. The combination of fadhionable bar and scrumptious coffee will definitely replenish your energy before going to work.

17. Colorful Coffee Station

Colorful Coffee Station

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Color up your day with a cup of hot espresso right in your kitchen. The aqua table enables you to serve a cup of cheer. And the mounted racks provide storage space and keep the countertop free from clutter.

18. Diy coffee cart design ideas

diy coffee cart design

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Instead of being stuck in a certain spot, why don’t you turn your coffee bar into a cart that can be moved easily? This coffee cart packs a lot of joy that can be shared with many people.

19. Desk Turned Coffee Station

Desk Turned Coffee Station

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If you are cheesed off with your old desk and thinking about purchasing a new one, don’t throw it to a thrift store since you can still use it as a pretty good coffee bar. With the accent of chalkboard, it will be a nice place to mix a cup of energy.

20. Diy Coffee Corner station

Diy Coffee Corner station

via www.tryeverythingblog.com

The combination of black and white embodies elegance in simplicity. Although there aren’t many adornments, this coffee bar provides an excellent look already with the handwriting on the chalkboard.

21. Ikea Coffee Bar design ideas

Ikea Coffee Bar design ideas

via www.oheverythinghandmade.com

If you aren’t into sophisticated looks that entail more skills and time, try the simple look of Ikea coffee bar. The opened shelves enable you to grab everything you need in no time.

Creating a cup of masterpiece doesn’t have to be arduous and spend a lot of money. With these DIY Coffee bar ideas, you can enjoy making a cup of your favorite coffee while keeping things organized.

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

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