20 Mind-Blowing Gray Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Something about grey works just perfectly for kitchens. The color teeters between a relaxing neutrality and an exciting warmth, managing to provide the best of both worlds. Of course, depending on what shade of grey you choose, your kitchen could be closer to one end or the other.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets design ideas

light gray painted kitchen cabinets
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Kitchen may be the busiest spot in your house in which you cook some meals for your family and eat them up. Therefore, the appearance of your kitchen is indispensable. To provide a good vibe, you need to make the kitchen as appealing as possible. And to make it happen, you can rely on some gray kitchen cabinets design ideas.

Gray is one of the most versatile colors that can be paired with any colors and interiors. Thus, investing on gray kitchen cabinets will be your safe bet. However, gray can be somewhat dull. Read on to find 20 mind-blowing gray kitchen cabinet design ideas to take your cooking experience to the next level.

1. Gray cabinets what color walls

Pale Aqua Blue And White color khitchen
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The good thing of gray is it can be paired with a breadth of colors including this turquoise cabinets. The combination of gray and turquoise provides a bit of vintage style to your kitchen.

To make the cabinets look more sparkling and stunning, tiny tiles are installed for the backsplash. It will make a really good focal point in your kitchen.

  • Good Natured Green

Good Natured Green kitchen color
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When you want a shade that quadrates whatever, choose green. This soft color evocative Depression glass is paired with a wealth of warm timber accents. The eco-friendly cabinets interact a casual, welcoming feeling for the room, while black countertops and also various other dark accents make it well-dressed and also balanced.
  • Creative Muse

Creative Muse kitchen designPinterest. com
Ideas for your cabinet color could be nearby. These existing cabinets made a fresh start with a green surface inspired by veining in the white marble countertops and also backsplash. New concealed joints improve the look.

2. Grey kitchen cabinets with white countertops

Grey kitchen cabinets with white countertops
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These gray kitchen cabinets do not provide the sleek look which can make them look somewhat dull. However, the flat panels wainscoting with clear-cut handles are implemented for the doors of the cabinets which create a subtle nuance to them.

To alleviate the dullness, white marble countertop is added. It adds more sleek look to the kitchen which makes it look more inviting.

  • Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray kitchen design
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Deep, abundant putty gray cabinets enhanced by stainless steel and also chrome accents make an aesthetic effect as remarkable as any type of bold hue.

3. Gray kitchen cabinets with black counter

Gray kitchen cabinets with black counter
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These gray kitchen cabinets create a great harmony with glossy black countertop. The soft gray cabinets denote the vintage style while the glossy black countertops add the touch of modern style to your kitchen, making it a great place to spend most of your time cooking. Now slaving over a hot stove is a fun thing to do.

  • Clean Green

Clean Green kitchen
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4. Grey cabinets kitchen painted design

Grey cabinets kitchen painted
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The kitchen looks great with its rustic look. The cabinets are painted gray without eradicating the distressed pattern. Instead of using flat panels, raised panels are used for the doors, giving the touch of a classic style.

To accentuate the rustic look of the kitchen, worn stools are placed in front of the kitchen island. They really accentuate the gray kitchen cabinets and the floors.

  • Cottage Heart kitchen design

Cottage Heart kitchen design
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5. Grey kitchens interior Best Designs

Grey kitchens interior best designs
Home Decor Buzz. com

Fossil is one of the shades of gray that provides calm look, just like these fossil kitchen cabinets. This soft gray color is soothing. It can alleviate the pressure when you are in a rush preparing breakfast for your kids and husband who are going to school and work.

Fossil cabinets also add elegance to your kitchen. They complement the marble backsplash very well. Even some of the cabinets feature glass doors and opened racks to store some beautiful dishes while creating your own gallery right in your kitchen.To create a nice harmony, white countertops are used.

  • Elegant Ease

Elegant Ease kitchen cabinet
Gray Kitchen Cabinets

6. Grey kitchen cabinets pictures

gray kitchen kabinet good picture

These silver kitchen cabinets feature crown moldings that make your kitchen look more elegant and classy. Since they have crown molding and flat panels for the doors, clear-cut handle bars are used to avoid being exaggerated.

The glass doors accentuate the cabinets very well. Besides, they enable you to see what is inside without opening the doors. You can use them to store some beautiful dishes and show them off.

7. Just a Dose kitchen color

Just A Dose Kitchen Color
House Beautiful. com

The simple design of the cabinets complements the window trims very much. Since simplicity is what this kitchen is all about, unsophisticated knobs are added.

A rustic kitchen table is placed in the middle of the kitchen to complement the rustic look of the kitchen cabinets. If the kitchen cabinets were gray, they would be make a pretty good multifunctional adornment.

8. Chic in Menlo Park kitchen cabinets

Chic in Menlo Park kitchen cabinets

Some shades of gray decorate this kitchen – from the pure white to the attractive slate cabinets. This modern farmhouse kitchen looks great with those white hanging cabinets that have the same design as the window trims and exhaust hood.

An attractive slate kitchen island is added in the middle of the kitchen. With glossy white countertop, this kitchen island will give unforgettable cooking experience.

9. Wall Color Yellow for Gray Cabinets

Wall Color Yellow for Gray Cabinets
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Although this is a powder room, but you can still apply this look to your kitchen to spread the good vibe.

If these flat gray cabinets with white countertop decorated your kitchen, they would make your kitchen look great. Adding some yellow accessories or – even better – painting the wall yellow would be your personal triumph since it is the color of joy.

10. Modern design kitchen cabinet ideas

Bright and Modern kitchen cabinets
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If you are not into vintage style, try adding the touch of the style that people have been dying for – mid century modern.

To get this look in your kitchen, you need to install flat kitchen cabinets that have no adornment at all because the key of this style is simplicity. Thus, it is imperative that you keep everything simple. And some gray kitchen cabinets with clear-cut handle bars will be the best choice.

11. Space Tower Kitchen Cabinet

Space Tower Kitchen Cabinet
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If space is really your issue, this gray cabinet will help you overcome your problem.

Instead of hanging some kitchen cabinets horizontally above the countertop, stacking the racks up will help you save some space. Besides, it enables you to store more things neatly.

12. Contemporary Shaker Kitchen

Contemporary Shaker Kitchen
Decoist. com

A contemporary kitchen needs simple yet attractive look. Therefore, simple kitchen cabinets are more preferable.

The simple design of the cabinets packs a lot of fun. Just like what many people say “less is more”. Although there are not many adornments on the surface of the cabinets’ doors, they still look great and classy. If only the light cabinets were gray, the kitchen would look more appealing and inviting.

13. Kitchen Remodel design

Kitchen Remodel design

Open kitchen style can make your kitchen look more spacious and inviting. However, implementing it entails top-notch furniture and fixtures that can ward clutter off. To hold the clutter at bay as well as filling the awkward space between the cabinets and ceiling, you can try installing double stacked cabinets.

Double stacked cabinets can help you store more things so that your countertop will stay neat and clean. They will also improve your kitchen look by eliminating the space under the ceiling.

14. Kitchen Cabinet Details that Wow

Kitchen Cabinet Details that Wow

Rustic furniture always adds more charm to your house especially your kitchen.

The color of the cabinets reminds you to your favorite denim. Although the color is quite vivid, the distressed look remains there, creating a fantastic rustic style to your kitchen. When paired with black countertop, these cabinets will give you nothing but fun. No more stressful time due to slaving over a hot stove.

15. Fresh Take on Cabin Style kitchen

Fresh Take on Cabin Style kitchen
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Add a lavish look to your kitchen by investing on wooden kitchen cabinets. Those hanging cabinets complement the glossy marble countertop, making such a wonderful duet. To add more charm as well as covering the blemish, some ceramics are placed on the cabinets so that the space between the ceiling and cabinets seems less awkward.

16. Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors
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White kitchens look great, but they are prone to dirt. Thus, remodelling this kitchen will be a nice idea. The first things that need to be remodeled are the cabinets and the kitchen island. Painting them dark or light gray will add a subtle nuance to your kitchen. Just like white, gray can be paired with any colors so you do not need to fred.

17. Cottage Blue Kitchen

Cottage Blue Kitchen
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The concrete countertop would look awesome if it were paired with dark gray or slate kitchen cabinets. The use of dark gray would add elegance to this modern farmhouse kitchen. Just make sure that the cabinets are darker than the countertop so that they can create a beautiful and elegant harmony.

18. Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices
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Since there are various colors available for your cabinet’s doors, it is normal if you feel overwhelmed with so many ideas. Even you might feel perplexed and eventually cannot decide which color that will work for your kitchen cabinets. To help you decide, you can take a look at these color palettes and tweak them a bit if necessary.

19. Color Confidence Kitchen

Color Confidence Kitchen
Pinterest. com

A chess board style is clearly defined in the kitchen’s flooring. It would be great if the cabinets painted black matte or gray so that they complement the flooring very well.

20. Small kitchen Industrial Chic

Small kitchen Industrial Chic
DMA Homes. com

Many people are crazy about industrial look – the exposed brick walls, industrial pendant lamps, some piping furniture, and the rustic look. Why don’t you bring this style to your kitchen?

To begin with, investing on dark gray cabinets with butcher block countertop will be a terrific idea. They will suit the exposed brick wall perfectly. Do not forget to install white subway tiles for the backsplash to create a more classic look.

Endeavoring to bring comfort and appealing look to your kitchen is eminently important. And one of the most convenient ways to make it more appealing is by applying one of these gray kitchen cabinets design ideas. Happy trying!

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