7 Best Bathroom Vanity Lights Ideas to Improve Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanity plays an important role to make sure your morning routine runs well. In order that the vanity can function as you need, there are some components that should be taken into account. Bathroom vanity lights ideas are an essential aspect to give you a pleasing experience while using the vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Lights Ideas

Bathroom Vanity Lights Ideas

There are some considerations when it comes to choosing the right lighting for bathroom vanity. Ranging from the style, bulb choice, and how it lights the space, all must be well considered to get the best result. If you are looking for inspiring ideas to illuminate the bathroom vanity, check out these light ideas!

1. Side-by-Side Sconces Give Great Light

Side-by-Side Sconces Give Great Light

Wall sconces are the most popular lighting idea for bathroom vanity. Wall sconces are commonly placed on each side of the mirror, allowing you to accentuate the bathroom sink space. This side-by-side sconces provide sufficient illumination to the mirror, giving you the best look after using the bathroom mirror.

Some people may choose halogen lightbulbs for their bathroom vanity light. But here, you can opt for LED as it gives brighter light, not to mention it is an energy saver. The sconces allow you to light the space not only in the bathroom vanity but also its surrounding. This means you can skip the main lighting.

The LED walls sconces make this bathroom looks brighter, thanks to monochromatic nuance adopted by the space. The gold-bordered mirror looks contrast on black and white bathroom wall.

2. Choose One Fixture That’s the Right Size

Choose One Fixture That’s the Right Size

Choosing the right light fixture for bathroom vanity is not easy. There are several things to consider, one of which is the suitability with other elements. This vanity lighting in gold nuance matches the oval bathroom mirror with gold rim that hangs nicely on bathroom wall with hexagonal tiles.

The vanity lighting idea consists of three lights connected to one base. Not only does it provide illumination, but it serves as a focal point in the bathroom vanity space that is dominated by white color scheme.

As you in the picture, white vanity sits gracefully on marble vanity top that looks contrast with espresso bathroom cabinet. Thanks to indoor plant that adds natural accent to the space. The presence of frosted glass window can bounce more light, allowing you to save more energy at day.

3. Chandeliers Are a Chic, Unexpected Option

Chandeliers Are a Chic, Unexpected Option

When it comes to the use of chandeliers, people are divided. Some believe that chandeliers are only for living room while others say every room deserves chandeliers. If you belong to the second group, installing chandelier to the bathroom can add elegance and beauty in no time.

Chandeliers is an unexpected option to light bathroom space. But you can always rely on this light fixture as bathroom’s center point. Be sure to install the chandelier with the right height so that you can get sufficient light to do the morning routine.

The chandelier looks harmonious with floating bathroom vanity that comes in espresso color scheme. White granite top gives a nice contrast look, while the greeneries soothe your eyesight.


4. Pendants Are a Pretty Alternative

Pendants Are a Pretty Alternative

Light your bathroom vanity space with style by installing pendant light fixture. The following bathroom vanity lights ideas look great in any space including your bathroom. Pendant lighting are typically adjustable, which means you can adjust the height as desired. This way, you can get the best lighting to do your activity.

This bathroom vanity is equipped with double pendant light fixtures that serve as the main lighting in the room. Rectangular bathroom mirror that hangs securely on the wall reflects the light radiated by the pendants, giving you a brighter nuance.

Floating vanity sink in white color palette adds style to this small bathroom idea. It comes with towel bar that allows you to hang the wet towel without making the bathroom looks cluttered.

5. Don’t Forget for the Light Color

don’t Forget for the Light Color

Lighting can set your mood. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the right color of the light. You can adjust the color based on the purpose of the room. If you think that bathroom should be cozy and have tranquil atmosphere, you can install ambient light to boost your mood. Chandelier or light fixtures with halogen bulb can be the best option.

If you are keen on a bright room, then you may need to choose bathroom lighting with bright radiance such as incandescent or LED light. Wall sconces or pendant lighting can work best for this purpose.

In order that the bathroom evokes atmosphere as you desire, it is important to consider other elements such as wall color, flooring, even bathroom furniture pieces. For instance, white wall can make your bathroom looks brighter when combined with LED light fixture.

6. Always Suit Your Style

bathromm light color Always Suit Your Style

Everybody has their own styles and preferences when it comes to bathroom remodel. You might be tempted to adopt other’s style but it may look unsuitable with your personality. This also prevails to the smallest detail such as choosing light fixture.

It is important to suit your style when decorating the bathroom. Whether you want to adopt modern, rustic, or classic look, choose the right light fixture that can represent the value. This picture shows you a modern bathroom with white and gold nuance. The gold-rimmed round mirror matches the wall sconces with gold base.

The all-white bathroom looks harmonious with wooden vanity and round sink. Glass window makes this bathroom seems brighter.

7. Choose Finishes Carefully

bathroom Choose Finishes Carefully

When choosing the right bathroom vanity lights ideas, you can consider many things including what finishes will work well for the room. Today, light fixture comes in a bunch of styles with various materials to meet your taste. You can simply choose brass light fixture or wrought iron to accentuate a rustic style.

The following picture shows you the unique wall sconces with aluminum base to match the contemporary bathroom idea. Halogen bulbs provide you with ambient light to set the mood. The light fixture looks great on the grey wall that is combined with ceramic tiles in similar color.

This small bathroom corner looks versatile, thanks to floating sink with square bathroom mirror. Glass window on its side bounce more light to the space, allowing you to save more energy at day.

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