10 Beautiful Small Desk Ideas to Boost Your Mood

Working or studying at home requires you to be creative in evoking the right mood in the right place. The fact that home circumstance can be hectic and unconducive, it may be hard to achieve the desired outcome. But setting the mood for studying room or home office can be as easy as setting the desk with the following right small desk ideas.

Beautiful Small Desk Ideas

Beautiful Small Desk Ideas

The desk should be able to accommodate your work, allowing you to sit comfortably and everything is within reach. A cozy studying or working desk does not have to be big as the small one can meet your need. The following desk ideas come in small sizes that will be suitable for your small bedroom or home office.

1. Double-dip desk

small deck ideas Double-dip desk

Make your home office looks artful with the following desk idea. The wall that is covered with graphics makes your desk appears artsy and attractive. The long white desk allows you to have ample workspace without taking much space on the floor. The desk can be divided into two section, allowing you to work together with your partner or kids.
From interior design, the white desk matches the white wall and other clean elements of the interior. Thanks to the architect lamps that serve not only function but also beauty in your home office.
To accommodate your book collections, optimize every inch of space by creating bookshelves under the table. This bookshelves idea is a space-saver so you can use the space on the floor for other purpose. Not to mention it makes your book within reach whenever needed.

2. Live-edge wood desk

small deck ideas Live-edge wood desk

Small space is not a barrier for your productivity. Whether you want to study or work at home, even a small desk can be the right place to create your masterpiece. Take a look at this idea of tiny small desk that fits almost any room, including your bedroom.

At a glance, the desk looks extremely simple with colorful drawers in various sizes. At the same time, it provides an artistic touch to the desk. It is also worth mentioning the drawers can be functional, helping you to organize stationery for a clutter-free desk.

In addition to storage idea for the small desk, you can go beyond the boundaries by creating a DIY rack. Simply hang some plastic glasses and your new DIY rack is ready for service. Besides keeping the desk clean, the rack ideas can improve the interior design.

How about giving a flair of artistic touch to the room? Hang a wooden frame so that you can attach anything to elevate the room design.

3. Card catalog desk

Card catalog small desk ideas

The best place to locate your small desk is near the window. Not only does it provide you with natural light, it also allows to refresh your mind and find more inspiration. This one of small desk ideas shows you how wonderful it is to have a small studying desk near the bay window.

When it comes to the desk design, this idea adopts rustic nuance with distressed or recycled wood. Thanks to the iron chair that accentuates the rustic style to the interior. The combination of all elements in the bedroom looks adorable, ranging from the navy wall paint to the floor-to-ceiling window treatment that evokes a taller look.

But the best thing you can spot in the picture is the presence of container. The tilt container can give a versatile function for your small home office such as organizing catalog, documents, magazines, and many others. It also comes with wall mount rack for a clutter free studying desk.

The right color of the wall can set your mood, too. Navy is a nice color to boost your mood, at the same time increase your productivity. But you can also choose other colors such as grey, orange, or pastel colors.

4. Storage bin desk

small desk ideas Storage bin desk

Are you into rustic style? Bring in a different look by furnishing the home office with reclaimed wood. This reclaimed-wood desk serves not only function but also beauty in the interior. The desk that matches hardwood flooring creates a tranquil and warm element to set your mood while working in the home office.

If you are not working alone, the long wood desk gives your own space. A pair of chair ensures your comfort while accomplishing the task or projects. Not to mention the reading lamp that allows you to work at day and night.

As one of the most essential elements in a home office, the presence of storage and container is highly needed. It also applies in your small desk. If you don’t have enough space on the surface, this storage idea looks great for the desk. Simply hang the storage under the table and you know where to hide the stationery and other stuff.

If you often work at night time, the presence of reading lamp is highly important. To complete this rustic home office, you may opt industrial reading lamp that accentuate the rustic style you bring in. Add some freshness by adding small plants on the table.

5. Reclaimed-wood desk

Reclaimed-wood desk

A dreamy home office with minimalist design can be a perfect idea to revamp your current nook. The small corner desk becomes a focal point, besides boosting your mood when working. This desk is perfectly located in the corner, allowing you to optimize other section for other purposes. Not to mention it receives sufficient natural beam from the windows.

Floating desk is a space saver. You can place it almost anywhere without worrying about the legs that will obstruct your movement. Combined with armchair, this home office serves coziness and comfort to optimize your productivity.

Small desk is not the only attractive element in this home office. The clean white elements evoke a strong minimalist nuance, combined with checkered area rug that adds more color. Above the door bookshelves help save space, not to mention it serves as an attractive decoration to the interior.

Natural lighting is important for any room including the home office. Installing glass windows helps bounce more light to the interior, helping save energy when working at day. In addition, it allows you to check out outdoor circumstances.

6. Floating corner desk

Floating corner desk

Show your unique personality with the following small desk ideas. The fact that your small home office cannot accommodate many furniture pieces, choosing multipurpose furniture can save your life. This kind of furniture idea helps you work efficiently without making the space looks cramped.

One of multipurpose pieces to furnish the small home office is bookshelf desk. As the name suggests, this item combines desk and bookshelf at the same time. Interestingly, you can function both of them to support your work.

Take a look at this picture and you can find out how versatile this small desk is. In one side, you can use the desk as usual—putting laptop, book, or even small plants. But on the other side, the desk is specifically designed to secure and organize your book. Whenever needed, you can simply reach out.

Not only is the small desk versatile, but also the desk can enhance the appearance of every home office. You can enjoy its clean look that will be a perfect addition for a minimalist-modern office. This desk idea can be combined with any kind of working chair.

7. Bookshelf desk

Small Desk Ideas Bookshelf desk

Desk can be defined as any flat surface that can help you put anything on it. If the previous definition expresses your thought, this unique small desk idea should blow your mind. Desk does not always come with legs and be located in the middle of the room. Nowadays, the so-called desk can be mounted on the wall!

The following picture shows you how a wood plank mounted on the wall can serve as a functional working desk or studying desk. This superb desk idea can offer solution for small space problems.

At a glance, the desk looks like an open shelves. But the presence of stools helps you figure out the real function of this desk. Interestingly, the desk can be transformed into a bookshelf whenever needed. When you need a place to work, simply grab a stool and your wall mount small desk is ready to use.

It seems really fun to have this kind of small desk idea. If you are on a tight budget, you can save a lot of money by creating DIY project using available materials. Be sure to adjust the height as desired to get the best out of it.

8. Minimalist standing desk

Minimalist standing desk

Are you looking for the right desk idea for a little girl? Providing a desk that can help express their creativity is essential. The desk should be able to fit their height and matches their personality. Besides, the desk should come in the right size to keep their needs and toys at the same time.

This painted wood desk makes a great addition for a girl’s bedroom. The short desk helps your little girl reach everything on the desk without your help. The smooth surface with glossy finish enables your kid to play nicely and safely around the desk.

The blue desk serves as a focal point of the room. Its moderate size allows your daughter to locate a flower vase, water color, pastels, and many other stuff to express her creativity. It is also big enough for a tea time with her dolls. Be sure to combine the desk with small chair in the similar color scheme.

Another important element to complete small desk idea for little girl is area rug. The rug or fluffy carpet ensures her coziness while playing around the desk. You can choose area rug with mature pattern or colorful ones.

9. Painted wood desk

Painted wood desk

Your small nook deserves the best small desk to optimize its presence. Despite its small size, it is not impossible to get the best out of it. The following floating small desk idea can blow your mind as it does not let every inch of your space useless.

The white floating table connects side by side, providing you with comfortable space to accomplish every task or project. Its size is just right, providing you with ample space to put your laptop, books, and stationery. The white surface makes it looks clean and wider among chalk-painted black wall.

Yup, black wall becomes an attractive point of this small desk idea. The black wall looks like blackboard that enables you to write and draw with chalk. It can be said that the nook becomes an expression nook where you can write or draw anything on your mind. Be sure the paint is easy to wash.

When it comes to storage, this small desk idea offers an open shelving where you can find anything in a second. The white shelving looks contrast with black wall but this is what you want to evoke a creative touch to the room. To add more storage, combine the table with floating drawers. This is a perfect storage to keep your files or documents out of sight.

10. Chalk-painted desk nook

Chalk-painted desk nook

The last but not least, decorative small desk is another option to enhance and repurpose your small nook. This desk idea is just perfect for rustic or classic interior design. The wooden desk comes in off-black and white color schemes that matches the raw wood wall covering and flooring.

That makes this small desk attractive is the decorative detail on its drawers and its legs. Without too much effort, the desk can grab attention of anyone who enters your home office. The handles on its drawers look classic but outstandingly beautiful on off-black surface.

Thanks to its many drawers that help you keep the small desk clutter free. You can keep small things that range from stationery, accessories, paper clips, and many others. Combine with the right chair to make your work time more comfortable.

This one of small desk ideas is not complete without additional decoration. Faux flowers or real flowers can be a great option to enhance your home office interior. Be sure to decorate the space with similar nuance in order to achieve the right interior design as you desire.

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