20 Bonus Room Ideas to Give Your Free Space a Second Life

It is not uncommon that basement and attic are left behind when it comes to a house decorating project. In fact, basement and attic can be transformed into a bonus room that gives you excitement and lots of fun. It takes a little creativity and imagination to break the boundaries.

Bonus Room Ideas

While basement can be a perfect man cave or home bar to escape from the crowd, the attic can be altered into a perfect playroom for your kiddos. Or else, it can also be a nice bedroom for the adventurer. It’s time to give the free space a second life with the following ideas!

  1. Bonus Room Above Garage 

Bonus Room Above Garage

The room above garage is no longer useless. You can give it a new function by transforming the space into a cozy man cave. Start the project by finding the right concept then start arranging the room. Thanks to the large area that allows you to locate almost anything such as tiny kitchen, sectional sofa, or even a media room.

The right choice of light fixture plays an important role to provide convenience. Recessed lighting works well for attic room as you don’t need to hang up the light and hit your head. Glass windows can make your room above garage brighter.

  1. Bonus Room Over Garage 

Bonus Room Over Garage 

Your little kid is getting older and he might need a privacy. Giving him a new room is a wise decision, allowing him to explore his personal characters. But if you don’t have enough space left on the ground, you can transform the room over garage into a cozy bedroom for him.

Room over garage can be used as a sanctuary for the growing kid. The tilt ceilings give a unique touch while bedroom decoration can be customized according to kid’s favorite sport, hobbies, or personal character. Be sure to provide sufficient light by installing glass windows on the wall or ceiling.

  1. Bonus Room Decor Ideas for kids

Bonus Room Decor Ideas for kids

Bringing the spare room to life requires your kids or to creativity. To carry out the project, you need to really know what to do with the room. There are lots of ideas to make the basement or attic more valuable, one of which is to choose the right décor.

If you love to add more colors, this room décor idea will suit you best. This room comes with many colors, allowing you to enjoy the vibe and festive look. Colorful elements ranging from walls and floorings, furnishings, and ornaments can define your style and artsy personality.

  1. Bonus Room Bar 

bonus room bar ideas

Make your basement more valuable with this remodeling idea. Transforming the bulky and dusty basement into a cozy man cave is the best choice to optimize every inch of the house. This basement man cave can be a piece of heaven for men as it has pool table, media center, and home bar.

The basement home bar adopts country look, thanks to wooden counter between posts that accentuate the country style. Wooden stools can support your convenience. With this home bar idea, you can invite your friends to spend the night.

  1. Bonus Room Furniture 

Bonus Room Furniture 

It may sound boring but thinking about furniture is necessary when creating a bonus room. Furniture plays a major role in ensuring the room can function as desired. For instance, sectional sofa is important to provide convenience in a media room. Or else, shelves are a must in a playroom to make it clutter-free.

In the picture, a living room is equipped with sectional sofa and coffee table made from raw wood that matches the corner table and standing shelves. A small TV console also makes a great addition to the room.

  1. Bonus Room Decorating 

Bonus Room Decorating 

Who says you cannot have a living room in the attic? This picture shows that living room can be anywhere in the house. The narrow loft is transformed into a cozy living room furnished with arm sofas, coffee table, and cushions. A flat screen TV is also mounted, allowing your family to enjoy intimate moment in this area.

A thing that makes this loft living room looks outstanding is the iconic low tilt ceiling. You can choose the right color—bright ones—to bounce more light and create a visual trick for a larger space.

  1. Bonus Room Bedroom Ideas 

Bonus Room Bedroom Ideas 

This loft bedroom for twin is an inspiring idea to give your attic a second life. When you don’t have enough space to build a bedroom that is large enough for two, attic offers a solution. The attic bedroom looks just perfect for the siblings to share and spend their nights.

For bedroom decoration, you can start with neutral tone to paint the wall and ceiling. When it comes to bedroom arrangement, be sure to double the furnishings including bed set, studying table, or even shelves to accommodate their items.

  1. Bonus Room Design ideas

Bonus Room Design ideas

A room design determines your feeling inside of it. An organized room with simple design can pamper your eyes and vice versa. This makes room design plays a key role in creating the right atmosphere.

In the picture, the room is well designed with modern nuance. Furnished with floor to ceiling wall shelves, it looks organized and clutter-free with ample space in the middle. White color scheme ensures the clean look of this room design. Thanks to the large glass windows that enable you to save more energy.

  1. Bonus Room Furniture Ideas

Bonus Room Furniture Ideas

Are you looking for furniture ideas to furnish the room? Choosing the right furniture can be tricky as you have to consider several aspects including room’s function and who will occupy the space. For instance, a home office should be able to accommodate your work just like in a real office. You can have a computer desk, book, drawers, and cozy chair.

Space is also an aspect to take into account. It affects the number of furniture pieces as well as how to arrange for a nice interior. If you have small space, wall storage can be the best solution.

  1. Bonus Room Office Ideas 

Bonus Room Office Ideas 

You can feel a different sensation of working at home by having a loft office. This home office looks great with complete facilities ranging from office chair, computer desk, and drawers. A simple remodel can transform the old and bulky attic into a fascinating office.

Another main element that should not be missed is lighting. Glass window can provide sufficient lighting to the room, thus you can save energy at day.

  1. Playroom Bonus Ideas

Playroom Bonus Ideas

Your kids deserve the best treatment. If you want to give some amusement without leaving house, basement playroom can be a great idea. This concept can be adopted to any basement with any size for kids with any age.

The basement playroom decoration can be tailored based on your kids’ age and preferences. Figure out what character they love or what game they want to have in the playroom. Don’t forget the shelving in order that the kids can learn how to clean the room after each use.

  1. Family Gathering Spot

Family Gathering Spot

Family time is above everything. If you dream of having a cozy spot to cuddle with kids while watching favorite TV show, loft family room is what you need. This idea gives a new function to the attic, allowing you to enjoy quality time with family.

A colorful room can add happiness and fun. This family room is furnished with colorful sofa beds that ensure your convenience, creating a contrast look in a white room. Checkered area rug provides a unique pattern to the space.

  1. The Home Gym Room

The Home Gym Room

To support your healthy life style, build your own gym room in the basement. This room adopts the concept of public gym with a little personalization. Instead of installing mirror wall covering, you can simply place a huge mirror on the wall.

Basement gym room is furnished with sliding door, allowing you to access the room effortlessly. Place some gym equipment according to your need. If you have hardwood flooring, be sure to cover with rugs.

  1. Music studio Bonus Room 

Music studio Bonus Room

Are you a music man? Then you need to have a special place where you can express your feeling through music. This loft music room should inspire you to have the similar concept at home. With ample space and dramatic lighting, this is where you get inspiration for the music.

As you see in the picture, this loft music room has a simple design with a sectional sofa and a coffee table in the middle. A grand piano is located near the window while a reclining sofa is positioned in front of it.

  1. Study Room Ideas

study room ideas bonus room

A study room should be able to boost your mood. This is what you need to keep in mind when creating a study room. While there are many elements that can enhance your mood, room arrangement is an aspect to prioritize.

This loft study room looks clean and organized, thanks to white cabinets and computer desk that accommodate your task. The white cabinets blend harmoniously with gray wall and area rugs, giving a nice look to your eyesight. Glass windows serve more light, allowing you to get sufficient lighting while studying.

  1. Cool Bonus Room Ideas

Cool Bonus Room Ideas

Do you wish to have a cool, versatile bonus room? Transform your empty space into a multipurpose room to do your hobby, assignment, or others. In the picture, this bonus room looks great with book shelves and computer desk in the corner. On the other side, there is a nook to do your hobby.

Another thing that makes this room looks fascinating is the unique lighting idea. Hanging lights with futuristic concept brings your room to the next level. Not to mention it matches the dark drapery that covers the large glass windows.

  1. Tiny Bonus Room Ideas 

Tiny Bonus Room Ideas 

With a little creativity, you can optimize every inch of the house. This picture shows you that a room is not always a room. Even a corridor can be a nice place to gather with family and enjoy the quality time.

To adopt this concept, you can use the corridor or hallway. Get some colorful round sofa chairs or bean bag to add more colors. On the other side, mount a flat screen TV and locate a console table. That’s it! Your living room is ready to amuse your entire family.

  1. Bonus Room Ideas For Kids 

Bonus Room Ideas For Kids 

Make your own amusement park at home. If you want to give the best for your kids, this room design idea can help you out. This room is transformed into a small heaven for the kids with colorful toys, lots of books and even a slide!

This playroom combines red and white color scheme. Right interior design is the key to the optimal function of this room. Empty the center of the room so that your kids can run around without barriers.

  1. Simple Bonus Room Ideas

Simple Bonus Room Ideas

Kid’s playroom does not have to come in a large size. Even if the room is narrow, you can fill it with lots of fun. The key is in the room decoration. This playroom is well-decorated with colorful cushions and area rug that add more happiness to the space.

These colorful elements are neutralized by white color scheme of the floor and the wall. You can locate a small table and chair, helping the kids with their projects of drawing, coloring, or pasting. Benches with drawers can be a perfect furniture piece as it can keep kids’ toys out of sight for a clutter-free playroom.

  1. Art Studio Bonus Room Ideas

Art Studio Bonus Room Ideas

Are you an artsy person? This bonus room is truly for you. The empty room can be modified into a home gallery where you can finish the projects and showcase your masterpieces at the same time.

What should be there? A table with architecture lighting and a chair is enough to support your work. But you can also get a computer desk to help with the job. Make sure you get enough sunlight by installing large glass windows. You can combine with task lighting to add an accent to your paints.

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