12 Design Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Remodel Better

Bathroom is the part of a house where you can clean yourself, unwind, and relax after a tiring day. A cozy bathroom can set your mood and refresh your body at the same time. It is less about size but more about decoration to get a nice, cozy bathroom. If you have a space issue, the following small bathroom remodel ideas will help solve your problem.

Remodeling a small bathroom can not only enhance its appearance but also satisfy your feeling. If you are looking for inspiring ideas to remodel the tiny bathroom, the following design tips can make your small bathroom better.

  1. Install a corner sink
 Best Corner bathroom sink

Space optimization is the key role in remodeling the small bathroom. You can maximize every inch of the space and get the best out of it. Installing a corner sink is a great idea to give a new job to the corner, which many people fail to use it. The corner sink lets you move freely inside the bathroom while its white color makes your bathroom looks visually larger.

As you can see in the picture, this bathroom borrows the freshness of beachy concept. The combination of white and sea blue color palettes allows you to feel the breezy air of the beach. The concept is emphasized by wall graphics and accessories, including beachy window treatment.

Color choice takes a major contribution to create a visual trick for a small bathroom. White works best to bounce more light as well as make your bathroom appears larger. Not to mention it indulges your eyesight.

  1. Use a shower curtain
shower curtain  Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Installing a permanent facility in your small bathroom will reduce the space to mobile. It is necessary to have as much empty space as possible so as the bathroom doesn’t look cramped. If you want to have some privacy when taking a shower, installing a shower curtain is the best solution.

Shower curtain does not take any space on the floor. It offers privacy that you want without making the bathroom looks crowded. Whenever needed, simply drag the curtain and leave it open when the shower cabin is unoccupied. This way, your bathroom space looks larger and more convenient.

There are lots of choices when it comes to bathroom shower curtain, ranging from the materials to patterns. Vinyl shower curtains provide you with durability. It is also available in a wide array of colors and patterns to elevate the beauty of your bathroom.

  1. Float the vanity
Float the vanity Small Bathroom Design Ideas

If you want to save floor space, float your bathroom furnishings! This floating vanity idea brings your bathroom to the next level. Not only does it save space on the floor, but the vanity creates a futuristic look to the bathroom. In other words, it is not only functional but also decorative at the same time.

The floating vanity creates a visual trick that makes your bathroom looks larger. In the picture, floating vanity is combined with white granite or ceramic undermount sink that matches the toilet next to it. The wooden vanity comes with storage to keep your personal items and toiletries out of sight, giving you a neat and clutter-free bathroom idea.

Thanks to the large mirrors and glass shower enclosure that makes this small modern bathroom looks visually broader. Hexagonal ceramic tiles accentuate the modern concept adopted by this bathroom. Overall, the combination of each element can help you remodel the bathroom effortlessly.

  1. Round the vanity
Round the vanity Clever Ideas for Small Baths

In your small bathroom, safety should be a priority. Having a small bathroom means you need to be careful in choosing the right furnishings. While furniture with sharp edge can harm you, round furniture is a savvy solution. At least this is what you can find in the following picture.

Round vanity in the bathroom ensures your safety as it has no sharp edges. The standing vanity is made from wood, giving a timeless look to the bathroom. Coming together with white undermount sink that matches the bathroom mirror and toilet, this vanity can make your morning routine more pleasing.

This model bathroom design that adopts contemporary style is dominated by grey color scheme, thanks to the stone tiles that cover the floors and walls. To make sure your convenience, there are only few furniture pieces in this bathroom. This allows you to move freely without too many obstacles.

  1. Extend the counter over the toilet
Small Bathroom Design Ideas Extend the counter over the toilet

This small modern bathroom idea is all you need to improve the bathroom. As you see in the picture, the bathroom looks indulging with all elements it has. Borrowing the elegance of earth tone, this concept transforms your bathroom into a cozy spot to relax and clean yourself. You can combine two or more colors to add more patterns.

The L-shape bathroom has a narrow space to move inside, thus you need to be careful in choosing the right item. Floating ceramic sink in white color palette creates a clean look, while black-framed wall mirror provides a contrast look in the room. Thanks to the task lighting that set your mood while using the sink.

To ensure your privacy, shower curtain in similar color scheme makes a great addition. This modern curtain comes with artistic design to add more value to the bathroom. You can also mount a wall ornament or wall graphic to reflect your artsy personality.

  1. Use a large-scale pattern
a large-scale pattern

Using a large-scale pattern is another idea for small bathroom remodel. This bathroom shows you how remodeling a small bathroom is as simple as using the right color and adjusting pattern. White works best for small space as it can bounce more light and give you a visual trick for a larger space.

White palette dominates this small modern bathroom, ranging from the bath tub, sink, toilet, and walls. But white can be boring, thus you need to add more pattern to the room. Thanks to the ceramic wall coverings with various sizes and patterns that do their job very well to secure the walls from water splash, mildew, and molds.

Despite its small size, the bathroom has a complete facility to provide you with convenience. Aside from bath tub, you can also enjoy the shower by installing shower hose over the tub. Corner vanity sink accommodates your morning routine without disturbing your access to the other parts of the bathroom.

  1. Skip the shower door
small bathroom design with Skip the shower door

Small bathroom design with shower does not always need a shower door, thus you can skip this item. Shower door can ensure your privacy while taking a shower but it can also be a big challenge to access the bathroom. You have to think about clearance to open the door, not to mention it will obstruct your eyesight when using the room.

But there is always a solution to solve your problem. You can replace the shower door with shower curtain. The curtain offers the similar functionality but it is far more flexible than other door. Whenever needed, you can slide the curtain and get the privacy that you need. When you are done, open the curtain and your bathroom will look broader.

Some people choose glass door to separate their shower enclosure with the dry area. But glass door does not provide you with privacy. It also takes much space on the floor, which means you will be squeezed when walking in the bathroom.

  1. Expand the mirror
small bathroom ideas mirrors

Mirror is an important element of a bathroom. This piece allows you to check on yourself and see if your appearance looks just good before leaving. But mirror has a more important function related to bathroom remodel. Mirror is the key for visual trick so that your small bathroom looks broader and brighter.

Expanding the mirror is among the common tricks to remodel a small bathroom. Installing a large mirror can bounce more light, as you can see in the picture. The surrounding area looks brighter, resulting in a visually larger space. The huge mirror can also reflect the anything in front of it, giving you a double effect for a double size of the bathroom.

The large bathroom mirror can be installed over the white vanity sink. This idea allows you to use the bathroom and access any personal items effortlessly. Do you need some ornaments? Grab some twigs or flowers to make the bathroom looks fresh. Place it in front of the mirror and let the mirror do its job.

  1. Mount the towel bar on a door
Mount the towel bar on a door

Despite its small size, towel bar is crucial in a bathroom. Many people fail to think about the right place to locate the bar, resulting in difficulties in locating the towel when needed. There are some common places to install towel bar but you can grab this unique idea. Install the bar on a door and feel the convenience

If you have a shower enclosure, the door can be the right place to install the bar. In this position, you can reach the towel easily whenever needed. It is also easier for you to check out if the towel is in place.

Adjust the towel bar size according to enclosure door. The wider your door, the longer bar you can install. For couple bathroom, longer bar is needed to accommodate more towels. Make sure it is long enough so that the towel can dry out after each use.

  1. Install a trough sink
Select a vanity with one shelf

When it comes to small bathroom remodel, you don’t need to think about big things. You can start from a small thing such as replacing the sink. In the market, there are some available types for bathroom sink. You can choose one that fits best with your bathroom circumstances.

For small bathroom, floating sink is a versatile choice. Not only does it give you function but also style. The sink is installed by mounting the feature on the wall so that it looks floating. This type of sink does not take much space on the floor, thus you can use it for other purposes such as locating the vanity or other pieces.

Floating sink can be a perfect addition for any bathroom styles and sizes. Whether you have a large or narrow bathroom, floating sink is a great idea to go. As you see in the picture, floating sink is combined with wainscoting and matching wall color palette.

  1. Select a vanity with one shelf
Select a vanity with one shelf

For bathroom design minimalist, vanity with a single shelf can be a great choice. Vanity is an important feature where you can organize personal items, toiletries, towels, and other bathroom stuff. In other words, vanity keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free.

There are lots of choices when it comes to bathroom vanity. The simplest one, vanity with single shelf makes your bathroom looks simple and accessible. You can easily store and grab the towels without opening or closing the door. In addition, this vanity is a savvy idea to maximize every inch of your bathroom.

In the picture, vanity with a single sink comes in white color that matches other elements in the bathroom. The all-white minimalist bathroom looks wider and brighter, thanks to the right color choice. The vanity sink is located near the toilet, allowing you to have a better access inside the room.

  1. Use a wall-mounted faucet

Do you wish to have a unique bathroom? This inspiring bathroom remodeling idea will help realize your dream. The modern classic bathroom looks sumptuous, thanks to the tile wall covering that matches the floor. Hardwood flooring accentuates the classic look of this bathroom, giving a nice blend with wooden ceiling and door.

But the most important thing to note is the wall-mounted faucet that looks unique. The long faucet that comes together with floating sink improves your experience when using this feature. Thanks to hanging light that can set your mood.

You can transform the bathroom and create a visual trick by covering the wall with a huge mirror. As a result, your bathroom can come in a double size. To make the bathroom more functional, locate a toilet and embellish with flowers or greeneries.

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