DIY Speaker Stands

Another scientific research shows that speakers must be on the same level as the listeners’ ears to improve the sound quality of DIY Speaker Stands.

It has been known that lifting speakers off the ground will increase the quality of the sound, especially when they’re mounted on something that prevents vibration.

Instead of buying a speaker stand from a store, you can build one by yourself. We’ve listed over 20 brilliant DIY speaker stand ideas that will inspire you. these ideas might be help you save some money, too!

1. Wooden Twin Speaker Stand

Custom built in Plymouth by Monotrack (made Heybrook copies etc).

This DIY speaker stand is completely made of wood. This is a simple idea of a twin speaker. This is best used for a stereo speaker that requires a pair of stands.

If you have a stereo speaker, you might want to make a separated stand for each of them. If so, this DIY wooden speaker stand could be the answer.

2. Multifunctional Speaker Stand for Desktop

Wooden Audiophile Speaker Stands (Pair Qty 2, One Right & One Left)

It’s made of three wooden slabs with two wooden boards to cover the top and bottom part. One side is left open on purpose.

Well, you can try holding it on a level you feel comfortable listening to. Then, make this modern multifunctional DIY speaker stand idea.

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy you only need specific glue made for woods to join them together like the picture shows above.

The height difference will affect the sound quality. If you don’t believe it, you have to try it, too. How do you know the perfect height for listening, though?

3. DIY Small PVC Speaker Stand

Quite some time ago I bought a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 685s, and recently I decided to build some small speaker stands to put them on.

You can buy either ABS pipes or PVC pipes, which basically serve the same function.
PVC may be the best answer. This example of a creative pvc speaker stand will inspire you.

The smaller the dimension, the more it becomes unstable while holding the speakers, so you have to be careful with the measurement.

4. DIY Copper Pipe Single Speaker Stand


The reason why this one is a great DIY project is because it recycles old copper pipes. Copper pipe is commonly used in tap water system. It’s the tube that delivers the water.

Moreover, the speaker wire can’t go through the pipe because the inside is too narrow.

However, this project requires welding the pipes together until it creates the frame shown in the picture.

5. Another DIY Concrete Speaker Stand

The HAYWORTH | Walnut & White Mid Towers By: Romantic Speakers

This is another example of concrete speaker stand. Because of the shape is similar to an arrowhead, you may need to mold the concrete piece by piece and join them together at the end. Make sure the speaker can stand straight on the surface.

6. Tall Cinder Block Speaker Stand

8 Great DIY Speaker Stand Ideas that Easy to Make - EnthusiastHome

If you need a stand that’s sturdy, strong, but easy, this simple cinder block DIY speaker stand is the answer.
Concrete speaker stand may seem like a lot of work when the design is too complicated.

However, to make sure that they won’t fall down, you can apply cement mortar to both sides of the blocks. The easy way is to stack the cinder blocks one by one.

7. Z-Shaped Speaker Stand


The Z-shaped speaker stand looks modern and distinguished. You can paint the stand based on your preference. This one chooses to varnish the wood.

If it’s the problem, try making this unique Z-shape DIY speaker stand. A straight speaker stand may seem too common for some people.The above picture shows you the correct measurement of the frame, including the width and length of the top and bottom boards.

8. Speaker Stand with Rustic Style

Powered Rustic Speaker Bar With Bluetooth

Another thing to consider while making a DIY speaker stand is whether you’d want to match it with the existing theme in your space.

Moreover, the varnish also darker, resembling a natural color of a tree. As you may notice, the wood is a natural trunk with unstructured shape.

9. Polished Wooden Speaker Stand


On each stand, there are two straight woods making a V shape.
As you may notice the position of the woods, this design offers a modern touch. This distinguished feature makes it different than the old style, stiff design.

In addition, the contrast between the natural, dark straight woods and blackboards is brilliant. Moreover, the woods are all varnished nicely.

10. DIY Speaker Stand with Rack


This speaker stand serves two functions, as a speaker stand and as a rack. You can place two or three speakers on this stand. If not, the rack can be used for something else.

Make sure that it stands near the wall or any stable furniture in order to give it strength to stand up properly. To make it nicer, varnish the wood like the example above.

11. DIY Square Box Speaker Stand

8 Great DIY Speaker Stand Ideas that Easy to Make - EnthusiastHome

This DIY speaker stand requires you to cut several pieces of wood board and stab. Since each stand needs two boards, you’ll have to cut the upper part, creating 7 holes for the stabs to chime in. As the end process, don’t forget to varnish them in order to look slicker.

12. Small PVC Dual Speaker Stand


Scale the design by measuring correctly the width and length of the speakers, so the PVC will absolutely meet your needs. PVC is a great alternative to those who want simple and affordable material, yet long lasting.

A speaker stand design, which is made from PVC pipes, is simple. You can either go with a PVC tube between two pieces of wooden boards or a PVC tube between two pieces of metal boards.

13. Custom DIY PVC Tube Speaker Stand

8 Great DIY Speaker Stand Ideas that Easy to Make - EnthusiastHome

One of the most popular material is the PVC tube. If you don’t want to pay retail for some speaker stands you need, you can surf the internet and find some steps to build DIY speaker stands. The diameter of the tube can be adjusted to your needs.

14. Small PVC Stand for Heavy Speakers


Small PVC is quite an affordable piece of material, it provides the strength you need. Even though Heavy speakers require sturdy stands.

15. Small Cinderblocks Speaker Stand


This example is using a cinder block and two wooden boards for each end that have been painted in black. There are a thousand of ways to be creative and different. the number of cinder blocks used depends on how tall you want this DIY speaker to stand to.

16. Metal Pipe Stand for Heavy Speaker

Mounting Dream Speaker Stands for Satellite & Small Bookshelf Speakers - Set of 2 Floor Stand Mount for Bose Polk JBL Sony Yamaha and Others - 11LBS Capacity MD5402 (Speakers Not Included)

PVC or ABS pipes is a great alternative for DIY speaker stand, it can’t hold a heavy speaker. The framework for this metal pipe speaker stand is called T-joint because the shape resembles the letter T. A heavy speaker needs a sturdy stand. Moreover, you can see the length and the width of the joint.

17. Industrial Pipes Speaker Stand

The other speaker stand made by husband and me. Black steel pipes, stained pine board.

The good thing about a DIY project is the opportunity to match the speaker stand with the space. The height of this DIY speaker stand can be adjusted based on your need. The stand is made of black metal pipes with silver rings, while the seat is designed from wood with a dark color.

18. DIY Speaker Stand from Wooden Crates

Build these sleek custom speaker stands to up your home stereo game and learn some angle measuring techniques in the process. Project Details

For a bigger speaker, you may need a short stand. This one is an example of a speaker stand that’s made of wooden crates. If you’re looking for something more unique, you can repaint it as you like.

19. DIY Speaker Stand for Surround Sound Speakers


To create a stand for surround sound speakers, you need some straightened woods and some wooden boards. The complementary stuff includes wood glue, nails and other necessary tools. Basically, the boards go on the top and the bottom parts. Those are the basic materials.

20. DIY Hanging Speaker Racks


To solve the issue, you can choose to hang the speakers instead. Placing speaker stands on the floor will, undoubtedly, take some space. If it’s a small room, it’ll become a problem. The frame and the stand are united by joining them together using screws. If you’re handy with welding metal pieces, this surely is an easy project.

21. Metal Pipes Desktop Speaker Stand

I was inspired by some of you guys & girls on here, and built my own desk & PC!

Sometimes, the speakers have to be put on certain level to make the sound quality better. A computer must be accompanied by speakers to enhance the sound quality. This idea shows you how to DIY speaker stand made from metal pipes.

Absoulutely, you need at least four metal pipes and one wooden board to create one desktop speaker stand. They are connected tightly with screws. To reduce the slipperiness, you can add coatings under the pipes. The metal pipes go under the board like so.

22. Slender PVC Speaker Stand

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The tube is tall and slender, appropriate for the medium speakers. This one is rather slimmer than previous PVC speaker designs. In this DIY model, you only need 4 wooden boards and 2 PVC tubes.



Basically, you join the boards together, but the PVC tubes aren’t touching one another, leaving a considerable gap in between. If the speaker is too heavy or you want to save some space, you can combine one stand with the other likeso.



In this model, the boards are made darker and slicker, while the tubes are painted with black. To make the stands look more appealing, paint them with your preferred colors.

23. IKEA Concrete Speaker Stands


Another alternative than wooden boards is concrete. It offers a sturdier base, too.

First, determine the scale of the bases.
Then, make a wood frame to mold the concrete.
After that, stab the required metal pipes into the mold.
Once it’s dried, take off the wood frame and establish the wires in the pipes.

24. Tiny Wire Speaker Stand

Mount-It! Speaker Stands for Book Shelf and Surround Sound Speakers, Universal Fit, Premium Dual Pillar Aluminum and Tempered Glass, Black (MI-28)

It’s made of bended wire which attached to a piece of thick board. If it’s small and the space is also limited, this adorable tiny speaker stand may be the answer.This simple speaker stand makes a valuable desk decoration.

25. DIY Pipe Speaker Stand


This DIY make thebottom part of each pipe is installed a trim cap. You must notice the sleek square wood piece. It’s connected to metal pipes, one on each angle.

To prevent slipperiness, a rubber foot should also be installed under the cap. A hole has been drilled on the left side, or any side you need, for the speaker wire, so the wire can run through the pipe.

26. Creative Speaker Stand from PVC

pipe fittittings/ pvc pipe fittings/ pvc tank adapter DN50 Longer and thicker type for aquarium

It because the speaker wire can be organized inside the PVC pipe. This periscope speaker stand is truly out of the ordinary.

Then, you’ll also need to take out the inner part of the speakers and place them on the periscope’s openings. As you may notice, the PVC pipes are in different sizes, too.

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