17+ Narrow dining room table and decoration ideas

Narrow dining table and decoration ideas

table for narrow dining room

Picture having a small or narrow space you might utilize for dining. How could you go about without knocking anything over in your small dining room?

Having a small and narrow dining room indeed poses a straight-up challenge. However, it will certainly also trigger your creativity in how you would optimize such a limited dining space.

Check out these inspirational, small dining room ideas to help you transform your small space into a chic and comfortable, narrow dining area.

1. Clever use of storage space with a cozy corner dining space

Comfortable Dining Table

With a space not larger than 3 x 2 m, having a corner booth dining area helps you optimize your seating quota. For such a limited space, a clever use of overhead and under-the-bench storage gives you the most to safe-keep your cutleries, towels, coasters, and so on.

2. Safe choice with small rectangular dining room table

small dining room table

A rectangle is the safest option for a small dining room table. Be at the center, far end, against the wall, or corner, a small rectangular dining table allows you to maximize both long sides, or even all four sides, for your family dining.

3. Saving space with small extendable dining table

table for narrow dining room

With a small space, you can start considering that uniquely extendable furniture in the market. A small extendable dining room table cum kitchen counter could just be the right table for a small dining room.

4. Being innovative with multipurpose dining table

narrow dining table extendable

If you have a limited number of rooms, you can repurpose your dining room to serve two purposes: a diner at mealtimes, and a playroom in between. A dining table with removable or foldable top uncovering a board game or a functional pool table will be interesting.

5. Going practical with small dining room sets

narrow extendable dining table

A small dining room set comprising of a square or rectangular table and its complementary chairs gives you practicality when making your furniture choice for your limited dining space.

6. Long and slim table for a narrow dining room

Space Saving Booth dining table

When you have a narrow space, go for a long and slim, rectangular dining room table instead of a bulky one. This highlights the esthetic of your small dining room.

7. Simplicity with accented, bi-tonal small dining room

narrow dining table for small spaces

Your small dining room does not need to have a grandeur design. Often plain and minimalistic design boosts the significance of such as a small space. Use of bi-tonal colors with accent-colored furniture implies exactly that, simplicity!

8. Small dining room with a high-rise window view

table for narrow dining room

Corner, window view of a high-rise building makes a great dining space. A small rectangular dining table with against-the-wall bench and simple chairs should be sufficient to create a comfortable space.

9. Three-in-one with a small round dining table

narrow long dining table

A small round dining room table can save space due to the absence of corners. It is particularly suitable for a limited space utilized for multiple purposes such as kitchen, diner, and small relaxation corner.

10. Easy design with dining benches

narrow oval dining table

Dining benches can be conveniently used when you have a small dining space. They simplify furniture layout while functionally serve their purposes in your small dining room.

11. Amping up the nuance with hanging lights

narrow modern dining table

The ambience inside a small dining space can be amplified with ornamental or strictly simple hanging lights. Pay attention to their placements and heights. Don’t let them knock over anyone’s head, but be sure that they can expose the surface of your dining table well enough.

12. Dining by the window

narrow counter height dining table

Having a uniquely-shaped room corner with many windows gives you the opportunity to set up a corner, by-the-window, small dining area. Your against-the-wall benches right beside the windows will be the most preferred spots your family or guests go for.

13. Utilizing unused corner for dining space

narrow width dining table

Think outside the box! With limited space available, you may consider even the most unusual spot or corner for dining space.

14. Going cosmo with FENDI Casa furniture

narrow dining table with bench

Even if you have a small dining space, there is no stopping you from incorporating elegant, cosmopolitan style into your dining room. Choosing FENDI Casa chairs and table for a narrow dining room gives you just the cosmo flair you would like.

15. Optimizing slim and small dining room without wall benches

narrow farmhouse dining table

If the space permits, let go your against-the-wall benches. Even though they work for some spaces, having single dining chairs around your long, rectangular dining room table provides more convenience for your family members or guests.

16. Space-saving with compact furniture

narrow wooden dining table

Compact furniture sets may help a lot with your small or narrow dining room. A small round dining room table with a spacious bottom to accommodate dining chairs fully within its body is an example of how compact and small dining room sets works.

17. Space efficiency with multi-functional dining room

narrow long dining room table

Being small or space-limited, your dining room does not have to merely be for dining purpose. Outside meal times, you may work or play board games on your dining table. In fact, when installed at the table’s height, your wall shelf can also serve as an occasional dining spot during your “me” time.

To sum up, having a narrow or small dining room should never deter you from maximizing your creativity to make your limited space work functionally like bonus room and esthetically well. In truth, you may even be fascinated with what you manage to come up with, considering the space constraint. So, which one of the small dining room ideas above you want to try?

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