20 Laundry Room Organization Ideas for Small Room & Decor image in 2020

When we have a small space, we must use every available space optimally. Including, when we want to build a laundry room at home. Here are some laundry room designs for small spaces that you can try.

Laundry Room Organization

laundry room ideas cabinets

The following is a list of laundry rooms for you

1. Keep Baskets Handy

laundry room design ideas

When you want to add decoration but don’t have a lot of space, you can use a wicker basket. Not only makes the room look beautiful, but this decoration is also practical for storing your laundry equipment.

2. Install Task Lighting laundry room in basement

laundry room ideas small room

You might also need to add task lighting in your small laundry room or in your bonus room.  In this case, you only need to install the lights at the essential objects that you use for work to make the ceiling look clean and neat.

3. Create a Dryer Sheet Dispenser

laundry room ideas small

You can also add a dry sheet dispenser in the corner of your laundry room. For a modern minimalist design room, for example, you can choose a plain dry sheet dispenser with a monochrome color.

4. Layer in Textures laundry room in basement

laundry room ideas decor

To make your small laundry room look more spacious, you can also play with textures. Use layers in textures to make it look more dynamic. For example, the combination of wood and fabric with earthy colors is suitable for you who want a small shabby laundry room.

5. Incorporate Art

laundry room storage ideas

If the corner of the room looks empty, you can also add a little touch of art. Combining classic paintings or photos with a modern designed room can also give a fresh and pleasant impression.

6. Label Everything

laundry room ideas for storage

The next laundry room organization ideas for small rooms is by adding labels to your storage. By doing this, you can do to make it easier to find the items you need. Also, organize it well so that it will look neat and easy to reach.

7. Share Closet Space laundry room in basement

laundry room ideas cabinets

Choosing cabinets for laundry room design, especially for a small room, can be tricky. So, make sure you choose a cabinet with a compact design but has plenty of storage space. In this case, you can use share closet space.

8. Hang a Pegboard Wall

laundry room ideas basement

This laundry room organization ideas are suitable for those who want to use the space on the wall. By hanging a pegboard wall, you can save space on the floor and organize items easier.

9. Display Your Supplies

laundry room ideas in basement

Another cabinet for laundry room design that you can try is by displaying all your supplies. Thus, your small laundry room will look more spacious. Also, choose soft or pastel colors to make it look cleaner.

10. Turn a Closet into a Laundry Room

laundry room remodel ideas

Want to try a different laundry room design layout? You can turn your closet into a laundry room. By choosing functional and compact furniture, you can make more efficient use of small spaces.

11. Liven Things Up with a Pop of Citrus

laundry room mudroom ideas

To give a pop of color in your small laundry room, you can choose a door with a contrast color. For example, you can choose the orange door to give a fresh and sweet impression. To save space, you should choose a sliding door.

12. Laundry room remodel Decorate with Intention

laundry room ideas decor

You can also reinforce the statement in the design of your laundry room by adding unique furniture. However, given the limited space you have, make sure that besides the unique furniture, it is also functional.

13. Install More Counter Space

laundry room storage ideas

Another way you can save space is by installing counter space. Thus, you can use your wall space more optimally.

14. Get Creative for small laundry room

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Don’t hesitate to be creative! You can decorate the walls according to taste with your favorite colors. Also, you can turn your laundry room wall into a canvas to make it look artsier.

15. Do Some Blue Sky Dreaming

laundry room storage ideas

The combination of sky-blue color and white interior is perfect for your small laundry room. This laundry room design layout will make the room look spacious and pleasant.

16. Diy laundry room Mahogany and Slate

diy laundry room ideas

Do you want your small laundry room to look more elegant and charming? Try mahogany and slate. This laundry room design layout is suitable for those of you who like the luxurious look but have a narrow space.

17. Play with Waves of Navy

laundry room remodel ideas

Are you bored with the look of a plain wall? Play with waves of navy can also make your laundry room look cooler and fresher.

18. Hang a Drying Rack

laundry room ideas decor

To better utilize the available space, you can also hang a drying rack. This step is also suitable for those of you who live in areas with uncertain weather.

19. Think Style and Substance

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Even though you have a small space, you still have to think about style and substance carefully. In this case, in addition to an attractive appearance, make sure every piece of furniture that you add is useful.

20. Use Wallpaper

laundry room ideas for storage

Another way you can do to beautify the walls of your laundry room is by adding wallpaper. In this case, floral wallpaper will make the room look more beautiful and fresher.

Those are some laundry room design for small spaces that you can try. By following the steps above, you can easily create a laundry room decor hobby lobby in your home.

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