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Because of the pandemic, working from home has now been a trend. So, here is a list of the trending home office décor ideas that you can try.

Home office decor ideas

small home office decor

Since we have to deal with COVID-19 pandemic this year, working from home is highly suggested. However, you cannot just find the mood to raise your productivity at home the same way you do at the office. Therefore, it is important to create a great working atmosphere at home. Here is a list of trending home office décor ideas that may help you.

1. Try an Old-School Decor

The Trending Home Office Decor Ideas of 2020

A fan of old-school décors? A rustic large wooden small desk with a lot of drawers can be the focal point of your room, adding coziness and warmth as well. A long, narrow bookcase will also add an intellectual and warm feel to the room while a big old-fashioned leather armchair and faux cowhide rug can elevate its elegance.

2. Hide the Clutter with Modernism

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If you have a minimalist room with much clutter, this is one of great small home office decor ideas to try. Make it black and white to add a spacious feel to the room. A wide faux-fur rug will bring much warmth as well. Also, place storage like a wooden cupboard behind your desk and chair to hide all your clutter.

3. DIY Long Desks

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Try to make a DIY long desk for your home office. Basically, all you need are some repurposed wooden boards and pipes. Next, there are plenty of tutorials on how to make it on the Internet!

4. Beauty with Colors

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When you don’t have the capacity to swap the furniture, just play with colors! Match white furniture with a pop of bright color on the wall. Try out yellow or orange to elevate productivity. That is one of the best home office decor tips you should try.

5. Natural Home Office Décor

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Boost the mood of working from home by simply adding some houseplants next to your desk or hanging them above the desk against a window. Not only this greenery will boost your creativity, but it will also keep a sustainable environment of your home.

6. Get Antique with Classic Decoration

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Choose antique linen to add a hint of classic ambience to the room. Get the one with the flower pattern and pair it with a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase atop your desk. Backdrop them all with a wide antique-patterned carpet.

7. Mix in Vintage

home office decor ideas pinterest

A vintage-styled freestanding wooden desk will look elegant when paired with a linen home decor office chair with arms on its sides. Don’t forget to add accessories like a rustic copper desk lamp and a little bit of greenery on a DIY wooden bookshelf above the desk.

8. Industrial Style

industrial home office style

Industrial home office desk décor is one of the trends this year. Especially for men, this décor will elevate their creativity and productivity. It also includes DIY furniture such as mounted piped bookshelves and long flat-topped desks—not to mention stylish metal file cabinets and industrial-styled metal desk lamps.

9. Elegant with Blue Colors

elegant with blue color

If you need to work in a tranquil atmosphere, it is time to change the color of your room. From the wall to the curtain and the armchair, everything can come in pastel blue—which will also add elegance to your room.

10. Use Open Shelving

Another way to apply small home office decor ideas is by using open mounted shelves as a desk. Installed on the wall, it is considered a multifunctional 3-storey bookshelf that doubles up as a desk on the base. Pair it with some stools then your minimalist room will look more spacious and stylish!

11. Modern Small Home Office

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One of the effective home office decor tips is to use a nook in your house as your home office, especially if you live in a minimalist house. Make it all in white with a large window at the end of your nook, and then you will get spacious feel there.

12. Take the Inspirations from Everywhere

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If all the above home office décor ideas feel too boring for you, why don’t you try something new? Take everything randomly, such as a quirky vase for your houseplant and a rattan chandelier—not to mention zebra-printed linen home decor office chair.

13. Consider Scandinavian Style

Consider Scandinavian Style

No more room for a home office in your house? A multifunctional desk that doubles as open storage underneath, a vase of freshly-picked flowers, as well as a snuggly faux-fur throw on your chair are definitely one of home office decor ideas for her in a Scandinavian style.

14. Be a Minimalist

minimalist home office design

Being minimalist does not always mean you have a small home. A simple long desk with some drawers and several bookshelves mounted on the wall with a few accessories will do well. Less is more and more is less.

15. Go All Black

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If you’re into black, then go all black. From the desk to the leather chair all come in matt black to add an elegant ambience to the entire room. Backdropped with a dark gray wall, now you’re ready to do it all.

16. Conceal the Clutter with Curtains

If you’re a type of person that needs more concentration to work, any clutter in the room should be concealed. Get a long curtain to cover the clutter and divide between your working area and the clutter’s storage.

17. Make it Modern

modern home office design ideas

If you think a home office should look totally professional, then try out this décor. The key is to modernize everything, at least by including a wide desk, a couple of contemporary-styled office chairs, a built-in cabinet, and full lighting.

18. Get Creative with Space

home office Get Creative With Space

This is one of many home office decor ideas for her. Women usually require more privacy, so setting up a home office right in their bedrooms is a great idea. Get a simple wooden desk, a vase of flowers, and an antique-styled desk lamp—all the things that are pretty!

19. Smart Home Office Nook

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Try out one of the smartest home office décor ideas: creating an office nook in the unused built-in storage. You can mount a long shelf to the wall and turn it into a long desk. Wrap up everything with a sliding door.

20. Accessorize with Coordinated Metals

Coordinated Metals for home office design

If you haven’t heard of Coordinated Metals before, it is a company that produces decorative metal products. Try out one or more of the above home office décor ideas and add some ornamental metal accessories on the wall or any other surfaces. That will add more chicness to your home office.

So, be ready to redesign your working space at home with the above brilliant décor ideas and get more productive in the future.

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