DIY Computer Desk Ideas

Replacing your old computer desk with a new DIY computer desk can be a great idea. There are so many DIY Computer desk ideas that you may try. You may choose your favorite DIY computer desk according to your wishes. What are the best DIY computer desk to make? Here are some lists of DIY computer desks that have great, fresh, and various designs.

Why you need DIY computer desk? When you want to work from home, you will always try to find a unique, creative way to handle your workload. Setting up a comfortable desk where you can work from can be quite helpful and it will definitely be a good investment. You can still get a very good value for your money if you opt for a DIY computer desk. But you don’t have to purchase the latest and very modern computer desks.

DIY Wall Mounted Computer Desk


DIY want mounted computer desk is the simplest one because you only need to build a small desk which is connected to your wall. Basically, it has no legs because it is built on your wall. You can build a kind of walll mounted compute desk in the corner of your bedroom, so it can form an L shape.

DIY Computer Desk with Concrete Countertop

DIY Computer Desk Ideas

Concrete is one of the hottest materials right now in interior design. It’s used everywhere, including countertops and tabletops. If you love the contemporary look and industrial vibe of concrete but are a little intimidated about incorporating it into your space via DIY, this idea is really great for you.

Custom DIY Gaming Computer Desk


Custom DIY gaming computer desk is the most flexible compute desk which has various designs and styles. In this case, you may choose an original wooden material for the design and built in on the corner of the room. For a gaming PC desk, it needs a large surface to accommodate three PCs for best gaming experience.

Making a DIY gaming desk is quite different from an ordinary computer desk, especially if you want to make an advanced gaming setup like this one.

One thing that you should remember is that before you start building this project, at first, you need to make a sketch for the plan. Then, make a list of items that will be needed to build your project.

DIY Murphy Computer Desk

DIY Computer Desk Designs For Nice and Easy To Use Desk - Home & Decor

A bit bigger than the previous flip-down, Reality Daydream shows off how to make a DIY murphy computer , wall-mounted desk too. And there’s a chalkboard attached!

Wall-mounted desks are amazing if you need to store a book collection, movie or CD collection over the place for your computer. Of course, you can easily adapt this type of desk in any way that you may see fit. The best thing about it is that it does work very well and it can suit any room, especially since you offer more storage space for that room.

Wooden Pallet DIY Computer Desk


DIY computer desk from wood pallet may look simple and traditional, but it becomes the most favorite choice if you like classic and rustic PC desk. You can create it from wood pallet while you do not need to pain the desk and let the original accent.

There, you can put all your necessary stuffs such as books, paper, office utensils, and basically anything that fits into it. So, you can always keep your desktop clean and neat.

DIY Standing Computer Desk


DIY standing computer desk can be a good choice for those who do not like sitting in front of a computer for a long time. It is easy to create such a standing PC desk. It has the same concept as regular desk, but you use higher legs.

The material used is made from while the accent selected may be brown, gray, and white. If you have a small home office in your house, building a wrap-around desk is a perfect idea. This design will give you simplicity and flexibility in doing your work on your home.

The top surface is actually quite spacy, it can holds up your laptops, lamp, and also your office utensils.

Parson Tower Computer Desk


If you like extra flexible computer desk, you can follow this DIY computer desk plan .

The great thing regarding this desk is that you can conveniently build this project from scraps!

That 2 leveled rack also comes in handy, simply in case you intend to place your things such as publications, baskets, or your storage box.

This is the desk that this very blog was built on. I love it because of the large top surface, ample storage, but clean simple modern design that begs to stay clutter free. You can also use this desk as a console table.

DIY Computer Desk from Wood Pallet


Wood pallet constantly be the leading product when it concerns DIY job as a result of its versatility.

You can make shelf, publication shelf, coffee table, bed structures, and also computer desk from it.Besides, you can quickly locate wooden pallet over the shops in your location.

The usage of the wooden pallet as the shelf is additionally beneficial for the attachment to the wall, making this table into a drifting desk.

To make this computer desk, you’ll need a single layer of wood pallet for the rack, one wood board for the surface, and a pair of string for the holder.

DIY Floating Gaming Desk

20 Most Popular DIY Computer Desk Plans - Gripelements

DIY Floating Gaming Desk looks so futuristic with its new concept that has no leg anymore. All you need to do is to hang the desk on the wall. But, it has to be strong to avoid falling down. Basically, you can build such a floating PC gaming desk made from wood or glassy material.

Scandinavian Style Workspace


Scandinavian Style Workspace become the most favorite DIY computer desk because it brings combination style between modernity and traditionalism. Meanwhile, you still use the wood material as the main construction.You can create such a computer desk by combining some accent. You can make it gorgeous with the white accent and original wood color.

The suggestion of this functioning desk is to make an useful working room but still make use of a reliable room administration.

For example, this style uses three-leveled table optimize the existing space.

With a mix of white shades, wood clock, and also minimal chair, this leaning desk likewise offer a Scandinavian touch to the area.

Custom Ergonomic Computer Desk

Ergonomic Mesh High Back Office Chair Computer Desk Task Swivel Chair Adjustable

Custom ergonomic computer desk looks so adorable because it uses original hard wood with special color selection. It does not only look futuristic, but it also looks so fancy for exclusive PC design for freelancers and gamers. This also belongs to a modern PC desk that you may place in any rooms.

It actually assists us to be comfortable while doing our jobs, and also at the same time, it lowers the fatigue of our eyes. As an individual that spends a great deal of time in front of the computer, having an ergonomic desk is a must.

Minimalistic DIY Computer Desk


did you believe that this DIY computer  minimalistic desk is made out of a door panel ?

According to the developer, this minimalist computer desk is made at a low price by making use of unused door panel and 7 pallets of wood for making both saw steeds.

DIY Adjustable Standing Desk


Nowadays, many individuals have discovered the healthy benefits of standing while functioning, and also a number of them have actually made a decision to utilize a standing desk as opposed to the routine desk with chair.

Height adjustable DIY Computer desk becomes the latest favorite PC desk that allows users to adjust the height according to their wishes. You can build a simple DIY PC table with this feature using special legs made from aluminum or even made from wood.

It’s real that sitting a whole lot can cause some impacts to our body, as mentioned in Mayo Clinic. So, in this situation, a multi-level flexible standing desk is the remedy; you can move from sitting to standing as well as vice versa. However, it constantly requires some time for us to obtain used to something brand-new.
Intrigued? Examine out the plan below

Small DIY Corner Desk


Small DIY corner desk usually has a V shape design that is specifically made from hard timber. This desk looks so simple, but it is not suitable for a PC with a big CPU. In this case, you can choose a corner desk with legs or a floating PC desk. Meanwhile, you can give some space under the desk for your foot space and chair.

DIY Computer Desk Shelf

Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, LITTLE TREE 47” Gaming Desk & 23” Arch Corner Shelf, Writing Office Desk Workstation Table for Home Office, Free-Combination 2 Piece

DIY Computed desk shelf is an attractive computer desk that you can build along with a simple shelf. You can use the shelf to store some books and put some items such as decoration, computer accessories, speakers, and much more. If you have ever before feel that your screen is too low, we sometimes hack it by propping it with publications, timber boards, or cardboards.

Double Sided Computer Desk


Double sided computer desk is a kind of modern DIY PC desk that is suitable for office PC. In this case, you can choose a hard wood surface and painted in white accent. This looks so adorable because it is made from some material combination. Meanwhile, you use metal for the legs construction.

Each of them has their own benefits as well as drawbacks. But if you desire to have a desk that brings more privacy, you can opt for this type of desk.

The use of a publication rack as a replacement for table legs is a dazzling idea. This back-to-back desk is one of finest examples of dual sided computer desk.

DIY X-Legged Computer Desk with Plan


For you who prefer a modular workspace, this foldable X-legged computer desk definitely will suit you.

The first pipe base should be a little bit shorter than the other because the shorter one will be put inside the other like so:

Then, weld the two legs and the surface base, or you can just connect them using 90 degree pipe joint, and after all set, make a hole on the middle of each pipe and screw them so it can be functioned as the hinge.

And for the top, you can use wood countertop for the desk surface.

DIY Cardboard Computer Stand

How to Make a Cardboard Laptop Stand

This is probably the cheapest (and easiest) DIY computer desk in this list. You can use any kind of cardboard available in your house. Just make sure that they are in a good condition and strong enough to hold your laptop.

Small DIY Computer Desk


Small DIY compute desk is a great choice for Notebook desk, iMac, and single PC. It does not require any CPU holder and the surface is relatively small. You can even build a V shape DIY computer desk in the corner of your room.

If you have a sophisticated skill in woodworking, making this tiny desk is not a challenging things to do

You’ll just need some fundamental woodworking devices such as saw, clamps, timber adhesive, sandpaper, and screws to make this task. The full step-by-step guide is available on WikiHow.

DIY Copper Pipe Computer Desk

Weekend project: DIY desk with industrial pipe and reclaimed wood

This attractive DIY copper pipeline desk is at first produced for youngsters and except computer desk, but if you can place your computer on it, why not?

With the chair affixed to the desk, you don’t require to purchase added chair for your computer desk set.

As an example, you can replace the copper pipe with steel pipeline if you choose that.

Custom Made Corner PC Desk


DIY corner computer desk is also the most favorite PC desk type with its beautiful V shape design. Make sure you prepare the CPU box if you use old computer. You can adjust the size of the desk or determine if you want to add storage under the desk.

A Beautiful Mess showcased this incredible corner, wall-mounted desk that we’re loving too. Get multiple workstations ready to use without taking up too much room.

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