20+ DIY TV Wall Mount Ideas for Every Design and Style

If you’re looking for a TV wall mount ideas that versatile, providing you with the best viewing angles, and a stylish addition into your interior, here is the list.

Creative TV Wall Mount Ideas

creative modern tv wall mount ideas

To get the best viewing flexibility and quality are good reasons to mount your TV on the wall, but the best benefits are, it saves space and creates a less cluttered room. Here are the best TV wall mount ideas you can copy to give your interior a more sleek, sophisticated look.

1. Small Living Room with TV

tv wall mount for small living room

Mount the TV at the center of the room is always a better idea to free up the floor space, especially in limited spaces. With simple additions like a small fireplace, wall art, and two comfy sofas, you’re all set.

2. Over the Bed

tv wall mount over the bed

A TV wall mount full motion with extended flip out feature over your bed provides the best swivel flexibility, saves space a lot, and offers a greater experience watching your favorite movies in bed.

3. Simple yet Luxurious

tv wall mount corner

A sleek, seamless TV with wall mount idea can also give a luxurious look. Add a simple shiplap accent wall to it and complete the look with earthy colors palette and the contrast materials.

4. DIY Back Panel TV Wall

DIY Back Panel TV Wall mount

Build a panel TV wall using upcycle wood or shipping pallets, and add characteristics into your home decoration with little effort and less cost.

5. Elegant Dark Brown TV Wall Mount Shelf

tv wall mount full motion

Mounted TV and shelves with earth tones, especially dark brown, are the perfect pair to give an elegant look. You can build them with racks or even storage options.

6. Classic Black and White

Elegant TV Wall Mount Black and White

Classic yet classy mounted flat TV in a white wall is beyond stylish. Don’t forget the details, add a black sofa, white furniture and some pieces of art.

7. Extremely Simple Black on Gray

tv wall mount with shelf

Gray and black are two simple, dark colors that can be home’s entire palette. Rather than an empty white wall, consider putting a gray wallpaper with black patterns.

8. Storage Option

tv wall With Hidden Shelves

From floating shelves to wall-mounted TV cabinet storage cupboards, an entertainment wall can be your perfect spot to hide the clutter and store your stuff.

9. Modern Rustic Style

tv wall With Hidden Shelves

Incorporating with your flat TV, some old-fashioned pieces, neutral tones, natural lights, and greenery work magically to add rustic touch into your modern living.

10. Farmhouse Style

shelf for tv wall mount

The farmhouse style is cozy and timeless. Achieve the vibe by adding barn wood TV stands and shelves, natural textures, and some vintage accent pieces like a mason jar or decorative pillow cover.

11. Bold and Artistic

tv wall mount full motion

Give your TV room a gallery treatment, from figurative prints, portraiture, to traditional landscapes. Mix the sizes and stick to similar materials and colors.

12. Living Room TV Wall with Lamp

Living Room TV Wall with lamp

Modern TV wall mount unit with built-in light such as LED-light is a smart addition to your living space design. You can also install shelves and add accent lighting, make sure the light is comforting your eyes without reflecting on the TV screen.

13. TV Mount with Cabinet

TV Mount With Cabinet

Either it’s floating, stand, or mounted, a cabinet is versatile and always looks great to be paired with a wall-mounted TV.

14. TV Wall Mount 55 Inch Setup

TV Wall Mount 55 Inch Setup

A 55-inch mount bracket is highly recommended to be the optimal size for any TV sizes and types. You will be provided with the best viewing point that helps to reduce strain on your eyes, back, and neck. It also can be adjusted easily.

15. For Children’s Bedroom

tv wall mount for children'

Incorporate with all bright colors to explore their creativity, add a cute decorative screen monitor for the TV in their bedroom. Make sure the TV is programmed to turn off at bedtime.

16. Make It Simple Decor

tv wall mount Make It Simple Decor

A TV mounted on a simple back panel, some decoration that shows your personality, and a little bit of accent lighting. Sometimes, simplicity is all you need to have a warm cozy space.

17. With Floating Racks

tv wall mount with Floating Racks

If you’re looking for a good shelf for TV wall mount, a floating rack can be your right choice to create a unique display area.

18. 32 Inch Flat Screen TV Mount

32 Inch Flat Screen TV Mount

Though a universal bracket is compatible with almost every size and type, a 32 inch TV mount is best for your 32-inch flat-screen. Besides, it works well to bear a larger size as well, depending on how much space you have. Keep in mind to choose the material that can keep the TV stable and safe.

19. In Corner Decorative

tv wall mount In Corner Decorative

You can place a TV in the corner of various styles. Take advantage to integrate it into a corner unit, decorate it with a TV wall mount stand, or simply mount it on a back panel. This way is best to save space in a tiny room.

20. Above the Fireplace

tv wall mount above the fireplace

Placing the TV above a fireplace creates a great focal point and timeless design. Don’t mount a TV above a fireplace that produces excess heat above 100 degrees Fahrenheit since it can damage your TV. For better look and safety, an electric fireplace can be a better option.

Select the best TV wall mount that suits your needs and space the most. Don’t forget to consider not to place it too high as it may make you uncomfortable when looking up at the TV screen.

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