15 Most Popular Interior Design Styles Explained: What’s in for 2021

The room is just an empty space without any decoration. That is why interior design has an important role in bringing a room to life.

Moreover, interior design is not only about patterns and colors that will be applied. This helps you to organize the space and furniture that should be in your room.

Most Popular Interior Design

mediterranean interior design style

Day by day, interior design is growing into several different styles. You can also find various interiors for different types of rooms.

There are limitless interior design styles out there, but we’ve rounded up the most popular ones on this page.

If you need interior design style inspiration for your home, here is the list for you.

1. Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional interior design style

The traditional interior design style is a timeless style that is still going on. The old school nuance is its uniqueness.

In addition, you can freely express yourself through this style. Just place what you want to place.

The focus of this style is on bright colors, wooden furniture and rich textures.

Since rich texture is what it defines, you should also include textured and patterned details with energetic dimension, layers, and depth.

2. Minimalist Design

minimalist kitchen design ideas

Minimalist style. this was a trend for years ago and is still happening. The focus of this style is elegance and cleanness.

You will get a spacious room and some multifunctional furniture of this style. Simplicity is the key, so it will be the perfect style for those of you who want to live in minimalism.

Some people include a minimalist interior design style as a modern style. This can be seen from the trend that is still happening today. There won’t be too many patterns and excess furniture for this gorgeous style.

3. Coastal Design

modern coastal design ideas

Do you like blue sea? Beach interior design style might be your choice.

This style is inspired by the seaside area which has light and airy colors.

Shades of green and blue are the dominant colors that can be used. These colors are also suitable to be combined with beige or white furniture.

For the most part, you’ll see striped blue patterns and details inspired by the sea for this style. This will make the room have a comfortable and fresh look.

4. Transitional interior design

transitional interior design

The transitional design style is not too different from the traditional interior design style.

That’s why some of us will mistake the difference.

The transitional style is a blend of modern and traditional touches. And that’s the reason why you might think they are similar.

Because it has a combination of two different styles, you will have a similar vibe. You will not need excess furniture and accessories.

Neutral colors are the key to dominant colors. It will be combined with wood curve finishing furniture and other types of texture elements.

5. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is directly influenced by home designs in Scandinavian countries; Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Scandinavian architecture and interior styles became more popular when they were introduced at a design exhibition in America and Canada in the 1950s.

At that time, people were introduced to the characteristics of this style, which focused on minimalism, simplicity, cleanliness and functionality.

This Northern nature-inspired style is reflected in natural elements, such as wood, leather and hemp fabrics. It also includes houseplants and deer skull wall mounts as decoration.

Scandinavian-style designers tend to make products that are functional and durable in an efficient manner.

6. Contemporary

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design is not too different from the minimalist style.

This style is sleek but straightforward. The difference from minimalism is that contemporary uses several different features.

Usually use detailed moldings for windows and walls.

Moreover, the furniture used for this style has clean lines and open legs. It gives an airy and light feel to the decor.

For color, use neutral colors that will be combined with textured fabrics.

7. Mid-Century Modern

mid-century modern living room

The mid-century modern style has brought memories to many people.

Style It has a 50s to 60s vibe with a clean and simple look, inspired by Danish retro.

Wherever this style is applied, it will create a look that is diverse, strong, and rich all at once.

For iconic furniture, the egg-shaped chair never comes off. Its uniqueness conveys a classic yet strong medieval vibe.

Molded plastic plywood, pure fabrication, and other naturally shaped furniture are key to the style of this concept.

8. Industrial Style

industrial style master bedroom

For some reason, industrial style makes a great choice. Behind the trend, there is a history of this unique style.

It started in the second industrial revolution that the factories of Western Europe were closed.

In that situation, there were so many empty buildings. Moreover, the population is also increasing, so people turn this area into a settlement.

It has a unique art style that has exposed beams and pipes. Exposed concrete and brick are also the main points of this style.

This gives more character to the masculine tendencies. For furniture, have unfinished or raw furniture.

9. Shabby ChicShabby Chic

Vintage Shabby Chic furniture

Initially, the concept of shabby chic was misunderstood as a type of grandma’s decor.

However, it still gained its popularity from the mid 80’s till now.

The basic concept of this style is inspired by the French design which is soft in character. It has a combination of traditional style and farmhouse touches.

For the furniture, there will be painted wood and soft sofas.

At some point, floral ornaments will also be applied. Gold French mirrors can be the centerpiece of this style to make the interior look extraordinary.

10. Rustic Style

Rustic interior design characteristics

What do you think about the rustic interior design style?

The style that was born from the Romantic movement as an inspiration has a combination of different styles.

You can see natural materials with farmhouse charm and a touch of industrial style. The focus of this style is the easy beauty of nature.

Then, the fireplace in the center becomes an important point for this style of interior design.

11. Bohemian

bohemian interior style ideas

The bohemian interior style is one of the extraordinary styles. It has a fancier pattern and a brighter color. The combination of these things gives a bold look.

The mixing elements in this concept somehow make it look messy. However, that’s how it looks.

The basic concept of this style is a cheerful and adventurous soul. That’s why bright and bold colors dominate in this style.

In addition, there are also several types of bohemian styles, such as tribal and Moroccan.

Usually, this concept has wood, animal skin, and metal accents.

12. Farmhouse

farmhouse interior design

The farmhouse interior design style has almost the same concept as the rustic interior style.

However, it will be lighter and somehow looks like a combination with a shabby chic style. The cozy feel comes from natural wood that dominates the whole room.

Neutral colors are used for this style, mostly white. Then, the fireplace and cozy fabrics are part of the elements of this style.

In detail, using open reclaimed ceiling beams and wide plank floors.

13. Eclectic Style

eclectic style interior design

The eclectic interior style has a different feel from the others. This style has the concept of contrasting several aspects and then tying them into a new, attractive design.

It looks weird at first, but the final look will amaze you like crazy.

It uses several grounding neutral colors which will be combined with a varied palette.

The nearly all-different pieces will be tied together with cloth, paint, or some other type of rough coating. The appearance will be varied and contrasting.

Breaking the rules and getting a new style is called eclectic.

14. Beach / Nautical Style

Nautical beach decor

Do not confuse the concept of coastal and marine/beach.

It may feel similar, but has a different background.

The nautical/beach style is actually for a house or building located right near the beach. It has a bright color concept, which is usually found on the beach.

The dominant color for this concept style is white. All backgrounds must be white with shell, surf, or sand colors.

The accessories are mostly related to dark wood, rattan, rope, plaiting, and organic materials or natural fibers.

15. Mediterranean Style

mediterranean interior design style

The Mediterranean interior design style has an earth tone color scheme.

The room may be large with arches and columns as a decorative style.

Moreover, there will be brick, tile, high ceilings, which are iconic styles. In most rooms with this style, there will be curves for a glamorous look.

This style started in Northern Mediterranean Sea countries such as Italy, Spain, and Greece.

These three countries became the main inspiration for the Mediterranean. You can find columns, arches and balconies.

This style of furniture is mostly used in rich wood tones and with ornate features.

with Windows that let in more light combined with warm colors and sky colors.

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