17+ Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas


What do you miss the most about summers? Is it the breezy vibe on the golden sand by the beach? Well, whether or not you live by the beach or somewhere landlocked in the country, you can always feel connected to the sea. And do you know how is that possible?

Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas

Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas

Modern Coastal interior design style it is! Mimicking the cool blue waters of Santorini, this style is all about carving a relaxed and laid-back backdrop. So, it’s time to spill some gorgeous Coastal beans with these 17 beautiful modern coastal living room designs.

1. Blue and White Cotton Striped Pillow

Blue and White Cotton Striped Pillow

Let your light-filled modern coastal living room feel energetic and vibrant with these blue and white striped pillows on board. When observed through a bigger lens, these pillows tend to really stand out and make the living room feel gorgeous.

You can choose to pair it with other white or cream-toned throw pillows that make a subtle background. Lastly, don’t forget to add tinges of blue details elsewhere. For instance, the blue glass table vase plays phenomenally!

2. Play Focal With Furniture

Play Focal With Furniture
One of the best ways to incorporate a coastal vibe is by choosing a focal piece of furniture that sparks a tone of blue. Mainly, focus on the center couch along with accent chairs that majorly dominate your color palette.
Secondly, don’t forget to pay attention to that chic, starfish pillow cover that adds detail to your couch.

3. Decorative Ladder For Coastal Style

Decorative Ladder For Coastal Style

It’s time to have an eye for details. another great way to imbibe a coastal vibe is this authentic piece of a decorative ladder. So, rather than placing a frame of artwork, you can style this piece of decor against a pure white backdrop.

Not only will this ladder play focal but also induce a coastal feel in the living room. Lastly, hang a piece of plant or throw a blanket for a classic appeal.

4. Contradict With Monochromatic Blues

Contradict With Monochromatic Blues

Just like the variance of blue shades in the deep seas of the Pacific , you can let your coastal-inspired living room speak a thousand words.

Majorly playing monochromatic – from lighter blues to darker and bolder blues, you can stagger these tones on the furniture, pillows, and rug. Moreover, play with patterns and add an ample touch of whites to truly love those blues!

5. Coastal Living Room Gallery Wall

Coastal Living Room Gallery Wall

Undoubtedly, there are numerous ways to spark that coastal touch in your living room. One such classic instance is the gallery wall. So, make use of the vertical dimension of your room and add a couple of blue artworks and wooden wall decor that compliments your style.

The piece of wall decor in this modern coastal living room creates an excellent focal point and adds to the tiny details of the room.

6. Choose a Coastal Airy Palette

modern coastal living room Choose a Coastal Airy Palette

Too much blue in your beach living room set can sometimes be unflattering. The idea is to make the palette breezy and airy – and that’s why you can also only play with beiges and natural materials. However, for a bit of an interesting touch, add a bit of blue to the throw pillow indeed.

This beautiful living room tends to have a modern look and at the same time, offers an authentic seaside setting!

7. Blue Accent Wall With Swivel Chairs

Blue Accent Wall With Swivel Chairs

Let’s think outside the box and instead splash creativity on the walls. Choose a cool, soothing shade of blue paint for your accent wall and other walls and add a set of off-white furniture.

A pair of comfortable swivel chairs add the perfect touch of luxury to the living room. And don’t forget, the boho-style chandelier with cherry-colored beads on top!

8. Navy Blue Anchor Rug

Navy Blue Anchor Rug

To add an extra level of character and drama to your space, incorporate this navy blue starfish rug. Unlike the other blues in the space, this particular decorative feature adds a sense of joy and a homely feel.

Moreover, you can always pair this rug with other decor items such as shells, fancy coasters, and macrame wall hangings and planters.

9. Blue and Teal are Cousins

Blue and Teal are Cousins

Choosing a monochromatic theme for the living room is a great concept. Bring these vibrant colors to life over and over – on pillows, table lamps, curtains, rugs, and artwork.

These blue-green tones will equally stimulate a beach vibe. Plus, you always have the opportunity to add details like broken furniture, wicker baskets, and seahorse photo frame sets.

10. Coastal Cape Mirror

blue and white coastal living room

Incorporating a mirror is a great way to make your space feel larger and airier. And just in case if you have an equipped fireplace, you have a dedicated space for the mirror right away. Your coastal furniture would perfectly complement the mirror frames in rattan, bamboo, wicker, and cane.

11. Cheerful Slipper Chair

Cheerful Slipper Chair

How eclectic and coastal is this modern coastal living room, right? Plus, this pretty focal slipper chair is absolutely delightful. This is something you would want to come back to – on a lazy Sunday morning!

Making a soothing focal statement in amalgamation with wall art and cotton throw pillows is something you must look forward to. And not to forget the heron statue that makes a great coffee table decor piece.

12. Enjoy the Coastal Wildlife

Enjoy the Coastal Wildlife

There are various ways to enjoy the beach atmosphere in your living room. In addition to the basic blue, beige and rattan colors – you can combine artwork depicting marine life scenes and wall decorations imitating the wildlife itself.

For example, these beautiful starfish and bird sculptures provide an authentic beach setting. It brings you an inch closer to the beach vibe you’ve been waiting for!

13. Boho Coastal Living Room

Boho Coastal Living Room

Bohemian and coastal interior design styles share common roots. From calm and relaxed vibes to incorporating natural textures, this nautical living room furniture is bold and stunning.

To celebrate compactness, add a big blue rug and some comfy pillows! When it comes to window treatments, opt for sheer white curtains or these rustic bamboo Roman shades for an authentic beach feel.

14. Play With an Accent Wall

 Play With an Accent Wall

Shiplap is something you should look forward to. And if you have an accent wall to paint, why not blue? Well, when thinking of beach designs – be sure to think blue, wicker, and white! Really because it imitates the colors of the sea and beach sides.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the cute little wicker pendants that will tend to grab the attention of your guests.

15. Shoreline Side Table

Shoreline Side Table

This is a perfect coastal living room setup! Right from splashing details on the area rug to a beautiful raffia tray and distressed ceramic side table – each and every inch of detail brings your space a dynamic, coastal vibe.

Secondly, you must always add a sense of depth and character to your throw pillows since they tend to play a major role. And that character can be categorized through patterns, textures, and imprints!

16. Wood-Frame Wall Decor

Wood-Frame Wall Decor

Add a natural yet charming vibe to your walls with this authentic wall decor. In addition to beautiful artwork and pictures of marine wildlife, you have the option of decorating your walls with wicker baskets and wood-framed wall decor pieces.

They tend to convey a cooler vibe – and at the same time, add meaning to those plain white walls. And do you know how flexible it is? Well, you can always rotate it horizontally or vertically!

17. Folding Room Divider

Folding Room Divider

With a notable rustic appeal, this wood panel folding room divider is something to have against a blue and white coastal backdrop. It adds a vintage vibe with its distressed-looking panels that absolutely complement the style of design you’re aiming to create.

So, rather than opting for glass or sleek metal as a room divider in your large living room, it is recommended to have this charmi

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