How to Make a Fairy Garden and Many Ideas About it

how to make a fairy garden – the best way to bring a little magic into daily life creates garden fairies on your own site. It typically occupies little space, located in a typical flower pot on the terrace or the playground, but if you prefer, you can create a fabulous.

How to Make a Fairy Garden

how to make a fairy garden

Creating garden fairies-fun for all ages. Love to participate in such a process the children, coming up with incredible ideas and interior decorating of this garden. Some even create fabulous flower arrangements for interiors, but the choice of plants is limited solely to the bedroom colors. Let’s look at the basic steps to create a miniature garden.

1. Select a container

For garden fairies do not require any special capacity, any container with drainage holes at the bottom: flower pot, old deep Bowl (metal or plastic), pelvis, or trough, barrel or basket, old ceramic pot or wooden drawer solid wood, broken garden fountain or filled well.

In fact, the shape or the size of the vessel would only affect the composition of the garden. If you want, you can even use glass vessels, gently doing the holes at the bottom. This can be a great ice cream bowls or aquariums. Very tiny fairy Sadiq Mono make even the old great cup of tea.

2. Selection of plants for the garden fairies

A small area of the magic garden herbs become bushes, and small bushes spreading trees, therefore one must be extremely careful to choosing plants. It is advisable to select good trim-carrying culture, so you can easily adjust the shape and size of the plants. Remember: in pots, the same plants grow slightly slower than on open ground.

The base of the garden usually shrinks stunted grasses except for those sites where it is planned to make the track or artificial stream. Don’t forget herbs can have not only a beautiful color, but also the scent that will make the garden even more fabulous. Perfectly suitable as

Ground cover thyme Thymus Ergo such varieties, growing no more than 1 cm. Different varieties of oregano have varied form and shades. Perfectly decorate composition Golden Marjoram or Pelargonium ‘ Lady Scarborough “with the aroma of strawberries.

Another great option to cover soil-Moss, which you can find in your garden, or buy. Aging onion (Allium senescent “Glaucoma”) with twisted green sheets is a great hedge and shrub Sage (Salvia decorum) will make a color variety in Garden composition. To soften the edges of the container, it is possible to plant Rosemary, which cascade ripples down.

An excellent option to create miniature trees serves as the Myrtle or Diffuse lemon geranium with corrugated beautiful leaves. You can trim boxwood shrub of forming plants of all kinds, mimicking the coniferous or deciduous trees. Exceptional look in miniature compositions pink Sage, creeping thyme, lavender Spike, bright immortal and many other garden plants.

3. Care of plants

For planting use high-quality soil, which preferably mixes with peat or compost (2 parts soil, 1 part compost or peat). At the bottom of the selected container stack first drainage layer of fine washed pebbles, then fall asleep. Should not be limited to peat, because this primer will quickly dry up, and when strong winds even blow out from the pot.

The soil does not fill up to the edge of the vessel about to the level of 1.5 cm, to leave room for watering. Garden place so that sunlight illuminated the container at least six hours daily. Depending on the lighting and temperature, watering garden 1-2 times daily, making sure the soil dries out between polivkami, and roots were wet all the time.

Pruning plants spend as needed to garden fairies always remained well-kept and neat. When the plants grow, you can make organic or mineral fertilizers in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. With the onset of frost days Elfish garden transferred into the House and leave in the well-lit area.

4. Decorating fairy garden

To make the garden fairies really magical, it will decorate. First of all, you need to create a small area landscaping project with paths, streams, ponds. For paths is good to use small pebbles, coarse washed sand, bark particles, small pieces of broken pottery.

Blue transparent beads, glass beads or molten landscape will help perfect mimic the winding stream. If there is a colored Pebble, you can lay out Dry Creek small blue stones. Dug kiln in the primer Cup or glass of old will become a small lake. Good from inside dye it blue acrylic paint.

Of course, garden fairy fairies need to equip. For the perfect flexible twigs, leaves and thin twigs, from which it is easy to make benches, bridges, hedge. Flat pebbles can also serve as a bridge or a bench (if you put them on two small pebbles). The flexible wire will help create a “forged” garden furniture, arches, pergolas, and awnings.

Often in miniature gardens set houses for fairies. You can buy them ready-made or built from any scrap materials. Sometimes make small houses just three walls that girls can decorate and furnish the Interior for the fairies. The backyard garden builds small playgrounds children fairies, establishing there a miniature swing.

Of course, not to manage in such gardens and without ourselves. The ideal height of figurines-7-12 cm. It is quite possible to use usual small dolls, having beautiful wings of moisture resistant materials. However, in stores often sold fairy-tale characters of various ages. Nice supplement composition and other small toys from children’s collection.

To garden fairies had become a real decoration of beautiful courtyards of private houses, care should be taken about the sustainability of all decorative elements in case of wind and rain. For this, they are best sticking to appropriate terminals that then penetrated into the soil. You can use glue to secure individual items.

Small fairy corners can be created and in containers and in the open ground. Miniature door, nailed the bottom of a tree trunk, will be entering into a fabulous House and can hide in the grass and the inhabitants of the dwelling. Optionally, you can select for the garden fairies and a fairly large area, such as on an empty mountainside, turning it into an excellent decoration of landscape design.

Fairy Garden Ideas

Following in the Footsteps of “Bremen Town Musicians”

By analogy with this cart owner built a cart under a long drawer. It looks funny. White frame carts together with overgrown bench in the background bring invigorating freshness into the overall coloring. Mobile flowerbed (like furniture on castors) has many advantages, it can be moved around the garden depending on your desires.

Magical light

Most probably, an easy and affordable way to turn any garden in dreamland — hang lanterns. And it is not necessary to any expensive garlands or fixtures! The usually scented candles in sleeves plus a small glass jars — it is quite enough! By the way, now on sale are often found mosquito candles — if you use them, there are no mosquitoes don’t spoil your fairytale))

Decorate improvised lamps for your taste, place them in the garden and … the magic started! On your request, we can create a delicate and romantic atmosphere or back in a lush and exotic world of Oriental tales — everything is in our hands! The main thing is not to forget fire safety: fire even in fairy tales joke isn’t worth it.

Fabulous inhabitants

Another very simple and very popular way to travel in a fairy tale — settle in the garden of magical characters. And it is not important whether this purchase garden figurines or improvised is not the case. Important storyline idea — they breathe life into your composition.

Without the creativity and inspiration even design products will remain merely beautiful trinkets. Meanwhile, our gardeners no longer once proved skilful hands, desire to work and a little bit of childhood in the soul — that’s all that’s needed to make the magic started!

For example, here’s a story about the garden figurines PANI Lesi or history of our readers, which began transforming the villas for their kids: Turn cottage into a fairy tale. Another reader tells how from improvised materials make the turtle Tortillu. Article garden figures with his own hands, there are other ideas simple and fun holiday crafts. And, you can remember about the Wizard of the Emerald City and make Strashilu — scarecrow garden with their own hands.

Fairy houses

What can you say about a private house on chicken legs? :)) Treehouse is a dream of many children, and the location could be heroes of different tales.

And fans of the Lord of the rings surely will like housing in the style of the hobbits. Of course, this is not the budget option. On the other hand, you wanted to make at the cottage good-comfortable and roomy-cellar … So why not approach this task creatively?

As you can see, the options can be a good deal, from simple to quite a pretty labor intensive and costly. And there is always a way from the world of everyday life at least for a while back in a fantastic garden country)) and you love fairy tales?

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