DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

If you are like me, your makeup is scattered all over the place. In your purse, in the bathroom drawer, or just loose on top of your dresser – it’s a mess!

I’ve come up with some tips to help you keep it organized and find what you’re looking for easily.

DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Well, if that’s the case, it means you’re in need of makeup storage ideas to make your own version of a makeup organizer

Here is a list of the makeup storage ideas that will inspire you to tidy up your cosmetic collections:

1. Magnetic Board Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom

Magnetic Board Makeup Storage Ideas


Magnets are little gravity-defying miracles, and mighty in their myriad uses. One of the best places to put their small-yet-powerful selves to work is in the bathroom.

Use two or three or 10 there, and keep everything in its proper place. No more hunting around for loose bobby pins, nail clippers, or your favorite eye shadow.

makeup storage ideas

Yup! With a magnetic board, you can neatly order your make-up items, so you can quickly discover exactly what you’re trying to find.

Also, if you combine typeboard with a beautifully patterned background and artistic frames, your make-up organization becomes a stunning wall art in your room!

2. Makeup storage ideas with drawers

Makeup storage ideas with drawers

If you like your vanity without any clutter at all, these different sized drawers will keep everything stored out of sight. The trays also come with adjustable dividers so you can choose the best way to organize your favorite products.

3. Simplified Makeup Brush Storage

Simplified Makeup Brush Storage

Do you have a lot of make-up brushes? Then, you know it is hard to keep them together because you often forget where you put them.

Use these basic, yet elegant storage bowls to manage your collection of brushes. Add white sand or rice decoration to add a little depth to the style.

4. Glittery Makeup Brush Holder

makeup storage organizer

How incredible it is that you can magically turn inexpensive jars into stunning make-up brush holders.

It is simple, because you only need mod podge—a kind of glue, and glitters to shine them out.

There are endless possibilities of how you can design these cheap glass votives and they can be used for so many things.

5. Organized Makeup Brush Display

Organized Makeup Brush Display

We fall in love with our favorite brushes and we want to see them neatly displayed in the most stylish way possible. Don’t you agree?

The tools you need are three or more glass bowls, a lot of glossy ornamental stones and your favorite makeup brushes to create this stylish brush display bowls.

6. Painted Mason Jar Makeup Storage

Painted Mason Jar Makeup Storage

Mason jars feature a simple and casual design, but this impressive make-up storage concept will turn them into elegant jars that look expensive and limited.

The process starts with a simple paint on the outside. Then, you can place almost anything that fits!

7. Cool Chalkboard Jewelry Organizer

Cool Chalkboard Jewelry Organizer

Beads and chains tangle very easily when placed in cabinet drawers. Don’t you hate it when it happens? Well, you can avoid tragedy and save space by hanging it unused for a jewelry organizer.

8. IKEA Star Makeup Vanity

IKEA Star Makeup Vanity

If you collect make-up kits from many different brands, a small cupboard or small box will never be enough.

Instead of adding more boxes or cabinets, why don’t you buy a dresser like a star? Interesting selection of IKEA products

9. Bead Organizer Makeup Storage

Bead Organizer Makeup Storage

Have you ever collected beads? If you have stopped collecting, instead of letting your old bead organizer gather dirt in your closet,

use it to gather your eye shadows. The outcome would be a clear, light-weight, and flattering eye shadow combination container.

The result: a huge makeup palette that’s transparent, lightweight, and best of all, free.

10. Travel Brush Holder Storage ideas

Travel Brush Holder Storage

A traveling, make-up addict knows how hard it is to manage the brushes while traveling.

Worry no more, because you can make this DIY makeup storage which is suitable for traveling! This make-up organizer is made of sewn flannels which make it convenient for traveling.

Moreover, an average sewing ability and some efficient time are already enough to make this innovative brushes holder.

11. Recycled Plastic Bottle Makeup Storage

Recycled Plastic Bottle Makeup Storage

You’re probably thinking “what?” right now. It’s true, there are actually makeup organizer options made out of recycled plastic bottles! These unique and affordable storage solutions help the environment and make your life easier too.

12. Rustic Tray Makeup Storage Ideas

Rustic Tray Makeup Storage Ideas

Do you want to feel the natural and aesthetic make-up storage atmosphere today?

Well, try this idea!

Use natural wood trays to put all your makeup supplies. The rustic and vintage look of the tray will give you a chic sensation.

13. DIY Hanging Jar Makeup Organizer

DIY Hanging Jar Makeup Organizer

This do-it-yourself idea is designed to look simple, yet elegant. The concept requires that you have some strings, a jar, and decorative material.

Using these materials, you can make your own hanging vanity as creative as possible.

14. DIY Flannel Makeup Box

DIY Flannel Makeup Box

The materials needed for this project are cardboard, buttons, glue, imagination and creativity.

Glue the cardboard to form the desired shape. Add some buttons for added style!

15. Shoe Hanging Makeup Organizer

Shoe Hanging Makeup Organizer

Makeup and beauty tools are not always placed on the dressing room table.

An inexpensive shoe organizer, which hangs at the back of your closet or bathroom door, can also be used to store all of your makeup essentials.

It even looks to give you more space than you need!

16. DIY Makeup Storage from Old Plant Pots

DIY Makeup Storage from Old Plant Pots

Do you struggle with where to store your makeup? I’m here to show you how to turn old plant pots into an organized and stylish way of storing your makeup. This is a great way for you who are constantly on the go!

17. Bookcase Makeup Organizer Ideas

Bookcase Makeup Organizer Ideas

I have to say that one thing that has made my life easier is this nifty invention called the bookcase makeup organizer.


It’s great because it fits in any corner of your house, holds all your makeup products and even provides some storage for things like toothbrushes or hair brushes. This is a really awesome product if you’re looking to save space but still want convenience.

Bookcase Makeup Organizer Ideas

There are so many different styles out there – from traditional wood shelves with glass doors to more modern metal designs with handles on either end – which means there’s something for everyone!

18. DIY Makeup Storage from Old Candle Jar

DIY Makeup Storage from Old Candle Jar

This innovative makeup storage idea helps you to save money and time. Moreover, it helps you to tidy up your room too.

You need to grab at least six old candle jars that have been cleaned properly and strong glue. Then, stick the jars on top of one another until it can stand firmly without rolling around.

This is impressive, right?

19. Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder

Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder

Do you have a lot of make-up brushes? Then, you know it’s hard to put them together because you often forget where you put them.

Use this basic yet elegant storage bowl to organize your brush collection. Add some pea ribbon decorations to add a little depth to the style.

20. Makeup Vanity with Glass Countertop

Makeup Vanity with Glass Countertop

A makeup vanity with a glass countertop is the perfect place to create your best look. It’s also a great way to display all of your favorite beauty products.

21. DIY Make Up Storage from Plate

DIY Make Up Storage from Plate

To display your makeup, perfume and jewelry is a good idea. If you like it, use small plates and bowls.

The bowl should be turned on the bottom and the plate will be placed on the top. For decoration, use some scrapbook paper.

22. DIY Moving Rack Makeup Storage

DIY Moving Rack Makeup Storage

If you are like me and you love makeup, but also want to declutter your house this DIY Moving Rack Makeup Storage is for you!

It’s perfect for storing all of those little makeup containers that get lost in the bottom of your drawer and will make it so much easier when packing up to move.

The best part about this project is that it can be made with supplies from home or a dollar store – no need to buy expensive baskets anymore!

23. DIY Makeup Box Drawer

DIY Makeup Box Drawer

In a world where we often feel like we’re juggling so many things, it’s nice to know that there are some easy ways to simplify our lives.

This DIY makeup box drawer is a great way to make your daily routine just a little bit easier.

It can be customized with different sizes and colors of drawer organizers depending on what you need!

24. DIY Nail Polish Display

DIY Nail Polish Display

Nail polish can easily get mixed up or get lost on a table full of make-up items. The best way to organize these items is to display them, so you can clearly see the colors.

So, making custom shelves emerged as one of the most efficient options.

25. IKEA Nail Polish Rack

IKEA Nail Polish Rack

Your colorful nail polishes should be put on display, so you and your friends can see how beautiful they are.

As a matter of fact, IKEA offers you small racks that are suitable for keeping nail polishes.

Then, put up all of the racks on your walls. This way, you have both storages for nail polishes and vibrant wall art. How amazing is that?

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