20 Super Cool and Affordable DIY Hat Rack Ideas

One of the most favorite fashion items is hats because, it is the most convenient way to accentuate your look. No wonder many people are into collecting hats. And your cool hats need super cool DIY hat rack ideas.

Diy Hat Rack Ideas

Diy Hat Rack Ideas 
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No matter who you are, hats are fashion items that you must have. Maybe you are one of the people who are crazy about hats. To keep your hats tidy, check these 20 super cool and affordable DIY hat rack ideas.

1. Reclaimed Wood Hat Rack Ideas

Reclaimed Wood Hat Rack Ideas
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If you are really into rustic look, this hat rack idea will be your best bet. It is easy to make and definitely cheap. Why would you have to pay through the nose if you can have this unique hat rack?

You only need to find some old wood planks or boards and drive some nails so that the boards will perfectly attach on the wall. Add some nails or hooks on the surface of them to hang keys or hats.

2. Pegboard Coat hat Rack

Pegboard Coat Rack

Pegboards are very versatile and can be installed easily. Therefore, many people use them for various kinds of usages. One of which is for a multifunctional rack.

These racks are very simple and installing them is merely a breeze. You only need some pegboards, then secure them to the wall. After that, add some hooks to hold your keys, scarves, and hats.

3. DIY Letter Coat hat Rack

diy Letter Coat hat Rack

Let’s add colors to your plain wall by hanging this wonderful rack. This rack is awesome because it can be a pretty good adornment for your living room as well as a sturdy and flexible hat rack.

To get this rack, you will need flexible wire that you can get at craft stores and some elastic colored telephone wire. Wrap the flexible wire with the colored telephone wire, then bend the it to the shape that you like. Don’t forget to bend the edge of the wire outward to form some hooks.

4. Diy Hat Rack Ideas Baseball

cowboy hat rack ideas

If you are keen on baseball, try to show off a bit by turning a baseball bat into stunning hat racks. What you need to do is just cutting the bat into halves. Then, nail them on the wall.

Don’t forget to add more nails, hooks, or wooden dowels to hang your baseball caps. It is extremely simple yet stunning.

5. Diy Pine Cap hat Rack

Pine Cap hat Rack
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Here is another exquisite hat rack that can also be functioned as a beautiful and artistic accessory for your living room.

This hat rack looks like a 3-D painting. The white frame creates a clear borderline for the twigs and makes them look like the painting of nature. To get this look, you need to make the white frame and place some twigs in it. The twigs will be used as natural hooks. Don’t forget to secure the twigs so that they stand still on where they are supposed to be.

6. Brown Ruler Wooden Coat Rack

Brown Ruler Wooden Coat Rack

Measure your creativity with this ruler hat rack. The rack is made of some wooden rulers with various colors. The rustic look adds more charm to the room where you hang it. The printed numbers provide distinctive patterns to the rack. And the hoks embody the look of steampunk style very well.

7. Pallet Cap Rack

Pallet Cap Rack
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If you still have some remaining wood planks that you used in your latest DIY project, it will be good for you because you can repurpose it to create some cool hat racks.

Attach the wood planks vertically on the wall and add some hooks on them. You can varnish or leave them that way for a more rustic look. But if you want them to look more appealing, you can paint them the color of your choice

8. Insulator Coat Rack

Insulator Coat Rack
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When rain comes, puddles are everywhere, making you bring along the mess to your house. And you will find your house wet and messy. You don’t want it to happen, do you?

A very good way to overcome this problem is by hanging a rack in front of the door. How about a rack that can illuminate the door way? It will be a greta idea! And these LED insulator lights will make it true. They can definitely make a great rack as well as accentuating the door way.

9. Pegboard Hat Hooks

Pegboard Hat Hooks
DIY Projects
Pegboard Hat Hooks ideas
DIY Projects

This hat rack will give you nothing but fashionable look. Pegboards are really great when it comes to an  effortless and affordable hat rack. No wonder they have been widely used by many homeowners to organize keys or some other tiny things due to their versatility and simplicity.

10. DIY Hat Rack Paper

DIY Hat Rack Paper
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You do not need something fancy and sophisticated to adorn your house because you can accentuate your living room as well as having some cash left over.

This hat rack is extremely easy to make and cheap. You only need to wrap a board with a piece of decorative paper and hang it to your living room. Do not for get to add some hooks to hang your bags and scarf.

11.  Hanging Hat Organizer

 Hanging Hat Organizer

If you carpentry is not your cup of tea and you are not really good at it, don’t fret! You can still get an easy-to-make hat rack that will not make you broke.

This hat rack is really easy to make. It is only made of a pole, some ropes, and laundry pins. Tie some ropes on the pole, then attach the pole on the wall. Instead of hooks, you will use laundry pins to make your hats stay in their place.

12. Industrial style Hat Rack

Industrial style Hat Rack

If you are really into steampunk look, this hat rack will be a nice piece of furniture that will jazz your home up.

To get this look, you need to find a distressed wooden plank or ruler. Attach it to the wall using nails or screws. Finally, add some distressed metal hooks to hang your shirts and hats.

13. Baseball Hat Rack Plans

Baseball Hat Rack Plans

If you have an abundance of baseball caps and you do not have more space to organize them in your room, this is what you are going to do – hanging them on the door.

Hanging your caps on the door will help you save more space and adorn the door of your room with your colorful caps.

14. diy Colorful Hat Stand

diy Colorful Hat Stand
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Give the touch of elegance to your house by having these colorful hat stands. Instead of hanging your hats on the hooks, you can try putting them on some hat stands. Not only will they make your room look more fascinating, but they will also keep the hats in their good shape.

15. Entry Way furniture Coat Rack

Entry Way furniture Coat Rack
Home Depot. com

Mudrooms play a very important role especially when it has been raining or snowing a lot lately. And a mudroom need some hat racks to put your wet coats and boots so that they will not mess the house.

This hat rack is suitable for your mudroom. It is quite simple, but effective in warding off the mess.

16. Animal Theme hat rack

Animal Theme hat rack
Homedit. com

Your kids are going to love this hat rack idea because it looks adorable. The white board complements the gray wall very well. The most conspicuous thing of all is the hooks which are made off animal sculptures. In addition to being an exquisite hat rack, this board can also make a pretty good adornment for your kid’s room or living room.

18. Diy Key Holder Rack

Key Holder Rack

Add the touch of rustic look to your house by making these simple yet unique hat racks. This rack is extremely easy to make. Even if you are not really good at carpentry, you will definitely be able to make it. So, don’t fret!

You only need to get a piece of wooden board. Then, attach them on the wall.This is the most interesting part of this rack. Instead of nails or hooks, some key holders and door knobs are attached on the board to hold your hats, caps, and coats.

18. Diy Hat Rack Lego

Diy Hat Rack Lego

Your kids are going to smile exuberantly when they see their favorite legos have turned into a hat rack.

The colorful lego rack will color up the room and make it look more appealing. The reliefs are good, too. They provide unique pattern to the rack. Although this rack will require more effort to create the authentic look of legos, it still worth trying because your kids are really grateful for that.

20. Playful rack

Playful hat rack
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Instead of using nails or hooks to hang your bags and shirts, you can try using some tiny dolls. The wide array styles and colors of the dolls will draw everyone’s attention. And your kids are going to love it for sure.

21. Diy Hat Rack Ideas Hangers

Your bedroom deserves an elegant look. Try this cheap yet chic hat rack to store your stylish handbags, scarves, and some accessories. You will be gobsmacked yourself when knowing that your broken door knobs and brosh can be turned into such an exquisite hat rack.

Making a super cool hat rack does not have to be so arduous and expensive. By harnessing your creativity and implementing these DIY hat rack ideas you can get cool hat rack without making you short on cash.

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