14+ Splendid DIY Aquarium Furniture Ideas To beautify Your Home

As the hub of your family life, living room plays a very important role. Therefore, decorating it with some splendid furniture to make it more inviting is a must. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that can draw your guests’ attention and amaze them at the same time, consider having DIY aquarium furniture.

Diy aquarium furniture

diy furniture aquarium

Swimming fish, colorful plants, and coral ornaments will never fail in blowing your mind. Imagine the moment when you arrive home after going through the hustle and bustle of the traffic, the beautiful live show of the aquarium will soothe you very well. But if you think you cannot afford a fancy one, you can apply one of these DIY aquarium ideas.

1. TV-Like Fish Tanks

FishTV_aquarium furniture

The good thing of DIY projects is you can get a piece of furniture that you have been longing for in an affordable price. Just like this TV-like aquarium. Your guests will be amazed when knowing that the swimming fish is not a part of a TV show.

To make this wonderful aquarium, you need to find an old wooden TV console. Then, remove all the electrical components and internal dividing panels to free up space. After that, install all the aquarium components including the air pump, a remote ballast light, and a fish tank that fits the console well.

2. Refrigerator Aquariums

Refrigerator Aquariums furniture

Imagine some lettuces and parsleys that grow well right in your kitchen! Is it even possible? Yes, it is. What makes it better is you can breed vegetables and freshwater fish at the same time. Isn’t it great?

This fantastic aquarium is based on the principle of aquaponics and symbiotic relationship between two living organisms. Not only will this unique aquarium refresh the look of your kitchen or living room, but it will help you provide edible foods.

3. Fish Tank Table

aquarium furniture stands table

One of the most ubiquitous focal points of a living room is a television. Now ditch that outdated idea and try something new – something that will surprise your guests as well as providing a relaxing ambience.

Turn your aquarium into a coffee table. This is something that people will not miss. Besides, you will be able to have aquarium furniture without taking up more space since you use it as your coffee table.

4. Accessible Bedroom Aquariums

Accessible Bedroom Aquariums

Bed time is the most relaxing time because it is time for you to stop worrying about anything, enjoy yourself, and finally call it a night. Thus, having something like some swimming tiny fish in your bedroom is such a great idea.

Turn your bed into a giant aquarium by installing a canal-like fish tank. When you lay your head on the pillow, you will be entertained with the spectacular view of the aquarium as if it sang a lullaby for you.

5. Aquarium Desk

Aquarium Desk furniture
Bored Panda.com

Alleviate the tense of working and racing against the time by adding a large fish tank in your desk. Watching those colorful tiny fish swimming here and there around the transparent tank will get rid of your stressful mind.

In addition to releasing stress, the aquarium will enhance the look of your room without compromising more space which is really good for you. And, of course, it will boost your mood very well.

6. Stunning Live Fish Furniture

Stunning Live Fish Furniture

Adding pure white silica sand to your fish tank enables you to have an authentic look of the marine life. Some colorful and unique corals will be the icing on the cake. They will create a perfect place for some colorful tropical fishes to dwell in.

The combination of white sand, corals, and exotic fishes will never fail to create an exquisite spot in your room. This aquarium furniture is definitely what you want for your stunning living room.

7. Moving Lava Lamp Walls

Moving Lava Lamp Walls aquarium
Trend Hunter.com

If  you think that investing on DIY aquarium furniture is arduous and pricey, but you are longing for a marine life in your bedroom, you can try investing on this moving lava lamp.

Although you will not have some colorful fish swimming inside a fish tank, you will still have the calming blue light of a marine life. The light will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, thus it is very suitable for your bedroom.

8. Upcycled Computer Aquariums

Upcycled Computer Aquariums furniture
My Modern Met.com

Do you have any old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) computer monitor at home? Do not leave it to your trash can just because it is dated and does not work as well as it used to. You can do some magics with this monitor.

Making an aquarium by upcycling an old monitor is just the same as making a TV-like aquarium. You only need to remove all the electronic components so that it will not be harmful. After that, it is time to harness your imagination. You can put some clear water beads, some plastic plants, and – the last but not least – some pretty little fish.

9. Aquarium Bathroom Sinks

Aquarium Bathroom Sinks

If you are cheesed off with your white pedestal sink in your bathroom, replace it with this clear glass aquarium for a more breathtaking look. Now your bathroom has turned into a place in which you can invigorate your body and mind because you can watch tiny fish swimming around the aquarium as if they were dancing for you.

10. Planter-Fish Tank Hybrids

Planter-Fish Tank Hybrids

The Aqualibrium is a clever way to take care of both a plant and a few pet fish. Although, it is more accurate to say that the Aqualibrium is a clever way to offload a particular chore onto said fish. The Aqualibrium is essentially a planter and aquarium in one. The top portion is the planter while the bottom is the tank. They work in tangent in order to function with minimal attention.

In essence, the Aqualibrium self-waters and self-cleans. The water from the fish tank is pumped up into the planter at timed intervals. At the same time, fish poop and minerals are passed along the way to both fertilize the plant and clean the tank. It is so clever, the Aqualibrium has successfully been funded on Kickstarter.

11. Fish Tank Time Pieces

Fish Tank Time Pieces

Have you ever stared at the clock just because you are totally bored and do not have anything to do? It feels like the time is running very slowly because staring at the clock is such a tedious activity.

Now you can enjoy staring at the clock since there is a Betta fish swimming gracefully around the clock. You can get this fabulous clock in some stores or you can make it yourself.

12. Worldly Fish Tank Tables

 Worldly Fish Tank Tables
home-designing. com

The idea of using aquarium to accentuate coffee tables have been widely used by many homeowners. You can take this idea to the next level by designing a very unique coffee table such as adding some sculpted reliefs of world map in the fish tank.

The sculpted reliefs in the fish tank get rid of the dullness of clear glass tank. Theyalso function as a “playground” for the fish where they can play hide and seek. When they are swimming around the tank, they look like little Marco Polos who are travelling around the world.

13. Computer-Powered Aquariums

Computer-Powered Aquariums
Livbit. com

Spending much time in your workplace, trying to meet the deadline, or pulling an all-nighter can give you frazzled nerves. You really need something that can refresh your mind or – at least – get rid of your boredom. How about a pencil cup with LED light that can illuminate your workplace? If you think it is mundane, you can try this one out.

This computer-powered aquarium is something that you are looking for. All the things that you need for your workplace is packed in it namely a clock, calendar, temperature sensor, LED light, pencil cup, and some beautiful swimming fish. When you feel bored, you can always look at those pretty little fish to ease your boredom.

14. Fish Tank Sound Systems

Fish Tank Sound Systems
pinterest. com

If you are an avid admirer of musics as if your life felt empty without music, you are going to love this aquarium.

This fish tank does not only enable you to get stellar sound of your favorite musics, but it also provides soothing light transitions that will never fail to make you feel more relaxed.

Another relaxing thing is you will not have to break a sweat to play your favorite music since it can be syncronized with your iPod, iPad, MP3, Smart Phone, and many more. Just put this awesome sound system in your bedroom, and let the fish be the maestro that plays your lullaby during your sleep or accompanies you when you are pulling an all-nighter.


There are so many splendid ideas for DIY aquarium furniture that you can try at home. You can simply apply one of them or tweak it a little bit so that it suits your requirements and perfects your dream house very well. But one thing for sure, aquarium furniture will never fail in turning a mundane room into a splendid one.

Diy aquarium furniture

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