14+ Best Aquarium Furniture Idea to Design Your Home

Aquarium furniture stands are an integral part of every aquatic system. The aquarium stand should be sturdy so that it can bear the weight of a filled aquarium. Aquariums weigh approximately 10 pounds per gallon when filled with fish, substrate and décor, making most household furniture unsuitable for anything larger than 10 gallons.

Diy aquarium furniture

diy furniture aquarium


Placing your aquarium on a stand produced by a manufacturer will also positively impact the aquarium warranty. Ideally, the aquarium stand is made of durable and water-resistant materials as it will likely be set up over a long period of time and will come in contact with aquarium water.

1. TV-Like Fish Tanks

FishTV_aquarium furniture


Who needs a luxury TV set when you can have this Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium instead? I mean, little fishies (or big ones, whatever floats your boat) can be just as captivating as the latest episode of ‘Lost,’ the play-offs or whatever else is on.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be either or with the Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium. The 5 foot, 20 gallon tank simply adds a touch of exoticism to your living space. Priced between $1,000-$1,200, this striking piece of decor will definitely set you apart from your neighbors.


2. Refrigerator Aquariums

Refrigerator Aquariums furniture


Local River is a concept created by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur which encompasses what dezeen.com refers to as a “domestic ‘”refrigerator-aquarium”’ that breeds freshwater fish for eating and grows vegetables at the same time.” They further state that the Local River was, “Inspired by the Locavores movement of people who source food grown locally to avoid pollution and ensure freshness, the project would allow people to produce their own food at home.Vegetables growing in floating pots would help purify the water by removing nitrates and other minerals.”

This is a very interesting concept. But how feasible is is? Is it doable? Again, the concept is very engaging and very out of the box but I just don’t feel good about it.

3. Fish Tank Table

aquarium furniture stands table


Want an eye-catching idea for your kitchen? The Frigidare company has an idea for you: a fish tank table!

Implications – The table has a hidden opening at the top that can be lifted up so the fish can be fed. Having a fish tank table in your kitchen would truly be an interesting sight. The featured image of the table looks absolutely stunning. You would surely own something that no else on the block would have! Frigidare has made sure that you can’t see all of the filters and pumps because they are cleverly concealed behind the counter. Although the fish tank table makes for an awesome decoration, it may be tough work to clean!

4. Accessible Bedroom Aquariums

Accessible Bedroom Aquariums


The Acrylic Tank Manufacturers headboard can contain up to 650 gallons of water. This towering aquatic design can be moved with an exceptional amount of ease despite its massive size however as it rests on two nightstands.

The Acrylic group has become a relative household name with its Animal Planet reality television series ‘Tanked.’ Its Las Vegas operational base resonates with the company’s over-the-top undertakings, seen here with the unlikely inclusion of transparent lamps in the blue-hued container.

Those who invest in this majestic fish tank will be met with some heavy lifting as installation is exempt from the price, and given the delicate glass make-up, a crack team of movers should be assembled in advance.

5. Aquarium Desk

Aquarium Desk furniture

Bored Panda.com

If you’re going to shell out on a slick new MacBook Air, you’ll want a table that’s just as stunning to show off your the Apple of your eye.

The Milk desk was designed to match Apple’s stylish products with its slick white coating, but it’s been kicked up a notch thanks to an integrated aquarium. After all, who doesn’t want to stare at gold fish while chained to the desk? They don’t promise to enhance productivity, but they add that literal dose of life to your work!

The aesthetically appealing, height adjusting table was designed by Soren Kjaer who added features like an iPod storage box, pen holder and waste basket.

6. Stunning Live Fish Furniture

Stunning Live Fish Furniture


If you’re someone who loves all types of fish, the aquarium coffee table is the perfect addition to your living room. This beautiful table stands out against regular wooden or glass tables, as it doubles as a large fish tank. Instead of having drawers for storing books and DVDs, this see-through table stores fish.

The aquarium portion comes with a filter and pretty decoration plants. Since it’s so big, you can have a variety of fish swimming around for extra color. While you may be concerned about placing too many things on the glass, the top is actually extremely sturdy.

The aquarium coffee table will definitely be the talk of the night at your next party. However, since it’s in such a central location, your main job is to always make sure it’s clean.


7. Moving Lava Lamp Walls

Moving Lava Lamp Walls aquarium

Trend Hunter.com

The Room Palette’ projector lamp, by RelaxStyle, uses special effects to change the ambiance of any room, much like a super-sized lava lamp.

The flexible head allows the relaxing aquarium-style visual effects to be projected on the wall, ceiling or floor of any desired room.

While the ‘Room Palette’ may be most common for a living room, it may also be a nice touch in a bedroom, basement suite, or even a bathroom.

Implications – xx
It would definitely be a popular addition to any dance party or sleepover. Spice up any wall in your household with the radical ‘Room Palette Projector’.

8. Upcycled Computer Aquariums

Upcycled Computer Aquariums furniture

My Modern Met.com

A new DIY aquarium has been released by Fancy, transforming old, sluggish Mac desktop computers into humble fish abodes.

The three-gallon tank provides a generous amount of space for pet fish, and can be filled with all manner of fishy accessories, from seaweed to blue-green gravel. The computer’s monitor screen has been replaced by a thick plate of glass, allowing fish to sunbathe a little, while also giving their owners the chance to watch them swim about.

The iMacquarium comes with an on/off light switch, as well as a built-in filter, making it a fully functioning aquarium that will also serve as a fun, decorative piece.

As stated by Fancy, the iMacquarium is a great conversation starter, and would look perfect in every environment, from a personalized bedroom to a laid-back office space.

9. Aquarium Bathroom Sinks

Aquarium Bathroom Sinks


We are always looking for exciting ways to amp up the decor in our boring bathrooms, and this aquarium bathroom sink takes things to the next level. Decorative fish tanks have always been a popular and beautiful design feature within various rooms of the home, so why not bring them into the bathroom?

The Moody Aquarium Sink, designed by Italbrass, is essentially a blank slate allowing the fish lover to customize their own tank to suit their space. The sink features a full filtration system, lighting system, a fully removable glass top as well as two circular access holes on either side of the sink to ensure easy feeding of your fish.

The idea of an aquarium bathroom sink is without a doubt a bizarre idea, but adds a quirky touch for those with an eye for modern design.

10. Planter-Fish Tank Hybrids

Planter-Fish Tank Hybrids


The Aqualibrium is a clever way to take care of both a plant and a few pet fish. Although, it is more accurate to say that the Aqualibrium is a clever way to offload a particular chore onto said fish. The Aqualibrium is essentially a planter and aquarium in one. The top portion is the planter while the bottom is the tank. They work in tangent in order to function with minimal attention.

In essence, the Aqualibrium self-waters and self-cleans. The water from the fish tank is pumped up into the planter at timed intervals. At the same time, fish poop and minerals are passed along the way to both fertilize the plant and clean the tank. It is so clever, the Aqualibrium has successfully been funded on Kickstarter.

11. Fish Tank Time Pieces

Fish Tank Time Pieces


It is now okay for you to stare at your clock all day when you install the AquaClock Wall Aquarium in your home.

This time piece is four inches thick, giving you just enough space to house a Betta fish inside. All you have to do is fill the clock with water and put in your fish. The Betta fish is very low maintenance and only needs to be fed two to three times per week.

By using it as an aquarium, a boring clock becomes much more interesting as it is now performing two tasks at onc

e. Your guests will be impressed by this ingenious decorative idea and you also save counter space when you use the funky AquaClock Wall Aquarium.


12. Worldly Fish Tank Tables

 Worldly Fish Tank Tables

home-designing. com

The Takuro Yamamoto Architects Aquarium lets your fishy friends travel from Brazil to Hong Kong in one easy afternoon. The lucite fish tank has been delicately cut into the outlines of the global continents. The minimalist design blends seamlessly into any fish enthusiast’s home.

Although this map-like abode remains a concept, it would certainly be an eye-catching conversation piece. The transparent material allows home owners to enjoy the peaceful movement of their fish, while watching television and sipping on a hot cup of joe.

The hybrid table proves there are a number of creative ways to integrate pet homes into everyday furniture. There is one question that remains: how on earth do you feed the little buggers?

Watch your fish explore the depths of the ocean in the Takuro Yamamoto Architects Aquarium.

13. Computer-Powered Aquariums

Computer-Powered Aquariums

Livbit. com

The USB Desktop Aquarium has the potential to be the most awesome desk accessory ever. Fascinations have created an actual aquarium that is run via USB power from your computer.

The USB Desktop Aquarium can hold two small fish and also comes with a clock displaying the date, time, and temperature. If you can handle having to clean the tank and never turning your computer off, then the USB aquarium is for you. Check out the featured gallery and get a feel for this awesome aquarium piece.


14. Fish Tank Sound Systems

Fish Tank Sound Systems

pinterest. com

Everyone loves unique and extraordinary sound systems, especially the ones that offer more than just stellar sound. However, with the DIY Aquarium Sound System, your fish ultimately become the maestro in conducting soothing sounds for your ears’ pleasure.

This DIY project simply involves the installation of self-actuated sensors that trigger a sound the moment a fish passes over. Designed by Yuri Suzuki in collaboration with Oscar Diaz, the Aquarium Sound System will definitely add that unique element to your home.

Diy aquarium furniture

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