17+ Closet Door Ideas for Your Precious Home

Closet Door Ideas – Storage room in the residence is generally valued amongst homeowners, specifically that of a storage room. However, we do not always desire our valuables visible for every person to see. Storage room doors are crucial, however frequently forgotten when it pertains to residence decoration.

Closet Door Ideas

closet door ideas
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Do not allow your storage room door end up being an uninteresting attribute of the space. You could deal with exactly what you currently need to develop one-of-a-kind decor for your space. Develop a makeover for your space with these closet door Ideas.

1. Storage room French

closet door ideas for bedrooms
closet door ideas for bedrooms remodelaholic.com

Using two contrasting materials over your closet door brings added interest. It makes your room looks tidy. The brown color on the closet door appears natural and serene.. the color of carpet, table, bed and lamp match with the tone of this room

2. Mirror Closet Door Ideas

unique closet door ideas
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If your room is short on storage, the big mirrors closet door will make your room more spacious dan brighter. The white as a basic color of the whole room has been selected matching the home concept, so it should bring up a clean and elegant impression.

3. Sliding Barn

closet door ideas curtain
unique closet door ideas www.yafangouwu.com

The color of wood sliding barn door contrasts to the wall but it is as match as with the sofa tone. It is so unique making the room behind it like a hidden space. No one expects that behind the door is a room. This door fits the room with a low ceiling. The dark color of window frames, hardwood floor, and cabinet balance out the color of the door slider.

4. Modern Glass Closet Door

closet door ideas for bedrooms
closet door ideas for bedrooms www.naturalnina.com

Alignment and simplicity reign in this white room. The room is vast and minimalist. The white wall and modern glass closet door can reflect light, thus brightening the room. The contrast color from the sofa makes the room becoming more balance and energic.

5. The Bifold Closet Door

closet door ideas ikea
closet door ideas diy www.yafangouwu.com

The bifold closet door is the right choice for those of you who want to have a closet door that is different from the others. It is very unique which doesn’t look like a closet door in common.

This door makes a closet similar to the garage. The whole white color between the doors and the wall is suitable hence the room looks simpler and cleaner.

6. Blackboard Paint Closet Door Ideas

closet door ideas diy
closet door ideas diy www.theremodeledlife.com

Blackboard paint door is a choice for creative people who need media to express their idea. The room seems more artistic and cheerful. The yellow chair with the wood brown legs makes the room becoming perfect. This door is suitable for children’s bedrooms because it feels like in their classroom or playroom.

7. Pop of Shade

closet door ideas diy
closet door ideas for bedrooms pinterest.com

This closet door is simple, classic, and a standard closet door which is more look like room door than a closet door. White color from the door is suitable for the soft color of the wall. Your room will appear in the pastel color.

8. Use Wallpaper

unique closet door ideas
unique closet door ideas via www.hgtv.com

This door seems very artistic. It seems like a wallpaper. It is perfect to apply in the room with a low ceiling. It has the same color tone as the wall decoration.

9. Concealed

unique closet door ideas
unique closet door ideas via www.peterhendersonfurniture.co.uk

People never think that it is a closet door. This clever door is suitable to conceal your closet. It is extremely unique and artistic. It doesn’t seem like a door but it more seems like a bookcase or cabinet. It also has several spaces to save the books or ornaments. It is very useful and multifunction. Dark color from the wall and floor balance the light color from the closet door.

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10. Artisan entrance hall

closet door ideas for bedrooms
closet door ideas for bedrooms via houzz.com

This door is suitable to room with the minimalist concept. The sliding door can spare the space. The color of the curtain contrast with the color of glass and cabinet. Those colors balance the room tone where its basic color is only white.

11. Doors for Your Entrance hall

closet door ideas for bedrooms
closet door ideas for bedrooms via houzz.com

This door is very unique. We never expect that there is a closet behind it. The door motive fits with the painting frame. The rug of fur and hardwood floor make the room warm and comfortable. Besides, the green plant makes the room livelier.

12. Curtain Call closet door

Curtain Call closet door

Curtain call closet door is a solution for the low budget. It is very affordable and simple. It is also easy to maintain by washing. If you’re bored, you will be able to change the fabric by different colors or materials. Additionally, the handcraft towel boxes made of plant fit with the curtain, thus the closet looks simpler and natural.

13. Minimalist Asian Design

European Closet Door

This door usually is used by Japanese people. This door is perfect for a house with a narrow space. It is also eco-friendly. A bamboo ornament on the glass makes it look like areal bamboo behind the door.

This door is also multifunctional which can be used as a decorated wall or room screen. Although the doors appear very simple but they are equipped with the automatic key so they will be safer.

14. European Closet Door


European closet door is suitable for the Victorian Style House. It is very classic and luxury which its green color matches with the painting. the golden doorknob also matches with the painting frame. The soft grey color of the wall balance the room tone.

15. Shiplap Doors for Closet

Shiplap Doors for Closet

By the same color and style, you will confuse to choose between the closet door and bedroom door. The brown color of the painting frame matches with the door frames so it balances the door. The hardwood floor is suitable for the door frame.

16. Mirrored Bifold Closet Door

Mirrored Bifold Closet Door

Mirrored bifold closet door makes your room seems clean. This door is suitable for the room with the narrow space. It frame matches with the window frame and desk. The soft yellow color of the wall can be lighter through the light reflection of the mirror. This room looks very cheerful and bright.

17. cute closet door

Stylish Closet Door Ideas.

If you are a minimalist person, this door will be the best choice. You can save all of your stuffs inside it. The door frame color matches with the window frame and desk.

Your room also looks fresher with the plant inside and combined with the green bed cover and natural painting. The black color from the bed frame, window frame, closet door frame, and table balance the room ambiance.

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