10 Amazing Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Bathroom window blinds are more than just an aesthetic element. They are very functional in effect because this is a particular room that requires privacy and undivided attention. Depending on the interior design style, size, and aura you want to create, there are a variety of colors, shapes, materials and textures to choose from.

Bathroom Curtain Ideas

So whether you’re looking for an airy touch with curtains or a bold and bright statement with curtains and shutters – these 20 bathroom curtain ideas are definitely something to look out for.

1. Choose A Sheer Tie-Up Curtain

Sheer Tie Up Curtain Floral Kitchen Window Small Curtain Bowknot Embroidered Rod Pocket

Bring your tiny bathroom window to life by placing a sheer tie-in curtain that has the potential to enhance aesthetics and privacy at the same time. When your bathroom is not in use, you can simply tie it up and let the sun’s rays bring a positive aura into the room.

It is quite a versatile option as it can also be used in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and even children’s rooms, play areas, and nursery.

2. Decorate With Striped and Buttoned Curtain

Striped and Buttoned Curtain

This style of curtains is widely used in kitchens, but of course they are suitable for bathroom windows as well. So, if you’re looking for a unique and fun shower curtain, you’re going to love it!

The details on the ruffles and buttons are eye-catching and intricate. Because of the versatility and flexibility of these blinds, they allow you to get just the right amount of privacy without sacrificing aesthetics or utility.

3. Look For An Elegant Curtain Scarf

Luxury Window Sheer Elegant Voile Curtain Scarf for Home

Defining elegance and drama at its finest, these curtains are a great choice if you want to achieve an effortlessly breezy and airy atmosphere. One thing that makes these curtains so unique and distinctive is the fact that you can very creatively wrap them.

This decorative style doesn’t cover the window, so you can always add another panel underneath to maintain privacy and control the natural light that enters.

4. Buy a Beautiful Macrame Curtain

Buy a Beautiful Macrame Curtain

Macrame is an ongoing trend of interior design materials that is gaining momentum across the industry. If you’re looking for a chic bohemian or rustic style, whether in your bathroom or any other functional space, these macrame curtains are the ones you should look forward to.

It conveys warmth and originality to the room while offering a decorative accent for the windows. You can further create a cohesive palette by combining some indoor plants and other macrame holders!

5. Decorate With a Colorfull Gauze Curtain

Colourful Gauze Curtain

For the perfect breezy boho backdrop, these colored gauze curtains are a great way to introduce light and color at the same time. They allow for an airy and fresh atmosphere while providing a sense of character and texture to the room.

You can use this style of curtains for both modern and classic styles, proving itself to be versatile time and time again! In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain.

6. Choose a Flowered Curtain

floral curtains for bedroom

Choosing flower patterned curtains will always make your bathroom feel airy, flowy, and natural. Ideally, if you are going to decorate with this pattern, be sure to paint all of your bathroom walls a neutral color to highlight the beauty of this flower.

On the other hand, the green, mustard and rose pink colors on these curtains will trigger a blooming and blooming style to add character and freshness to your bathroom. You can also use it as a shower curtain!

7. Use a Gauze Curtain with a Delicate Style

Gauze Curtain with a Delicate Style

Frame your windows with perfect gauze curtains that play a classic and chic style. There are two main ways to use this curtain piece – with or without panels underneath, which makes it both functional and very versatile.

Depending on the function of your space or the style of the interior design, you can use it as a decorative feature or a functional element to encourage the privacy of your bathroom. Ideally, these are great for Shabby Chic and Vintage backgrounds!

8. Add a Curtain With Pompoms

Sheer Curtains Pompom Beige Voile Pom pom Window Curtains for Bedroom Girls Room

If you want to give your bathroom a touch of style and softness, these gauze curtains with pom poms are a great idea. While it embraces simplicity, it has intricate details that make it really attractive and graceful.

This is ideal if you want to decorate your bathroom with small details, but if privacy is a concern – you have to put up with it!

9. Use a Venetian Window Blind

Venetian Window Blind

One of the most practical, durable and versatile options – Venetian curtains should be considered if you don’t have enough time to look for designer curtains and decide on a theme for your bathroom.

Although simple, it still provides enough warmth to the room while making it look bigger and wider. On the other hand, it perfectly fulfills the function of preventing the entry of light if needed.

10. Go With a Rustic Style Using a Bamboo Curtain

Rustic Style Using a Bamboo Curtain

Add a natural and organic vibe to your bathroom by incorporating these bamboo curtains which give it an authentic rustic touch to perfection. Pair with your indoor plants, decorative glassware, and wicker or wicker baskets and trays – these curtains help your bathroom revive a fresh feel!

However, remember to only use these curtains on small windows as they can help strike the perfect balance between privacy and style!

There are a variety of window treatments for your bathroom – from linens and cottons to paneling, see-through curtains, natural and organic bamboo, knitwear and macrame. While they may differ in cost and functionality – it is true that they will define a sense of personality and style for your space.

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