12 Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

Kitchen counter organization is an important aspect of positive energy flow in your space. Not only does it help keep everything clean and tidy, but it also clears the mind of its users. It is true that if you dedicate something to the right place in your kitchen, the result will drastically change the feeling of your space.

Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas

So, to give you enough space to cook and easily complete your daily kitchen activities, here is a list of 12 kitchen countertop ideas that you should pay attention to!

1. Stacking Bin

Stacking Bamboo Bins

It’s time to organize your kitchen essentials, paper, knick-knacks, and other small items in this stackable wood bin for a taller look. This piece of kitchen countertop decor adds a modern and bohemian flair with a complete focus on functionality and versatility.

This helps the organization of the small kitchen counter – thus, further creating a more spacious and lively experience. In this way, you also allow positive vibrations to flow freely throughout the room.

2. Wire Tiered Fruit Basket

Wire Tiered Fruit Basket

Fruits if not stored and arranged properly can create a gloomy environment in the kitchen. Of course, it’s the little flies that roam around but more or less, it’s this untidy and unfriendly look that takes away the aesthetic. Therefore, to make it easier to store and display fruit items, combine this beautiful two-tiered basket that adds an exotic feel!

The iron mesh and natural bamboo blends offer a spacious and airy experience. And it also allows you to save and save more space.

3. Metal Wine Rack


Incorporate a boho-inspired rattan wine rack that makes a great small kitchen table organization idea. With deep details and six rounded compartments, this famous decor piece perfectly adds to your cute kitchen.

Whether placed over a tiled backsplash or an island table – this element is sure to help spruce up and organize. Plus, it’s strong and extremely durable to withstand heavy wine bottles. Voila!

4. Bamboo Dish Rack

Bamboo Dish Rack

It is time that you dry and organize your dishes in this bamboo dish rack. It offers ample space for storage and a sufficient gap to allow your dishes to breathe and dry quickly.

On the other hand, when not in use, this compact design helps declutter kitchen countertops as it can easily be folded and stored in one of the cabinets.

5. Mug Storage Tree

Mug Holder Tree Shape Wooden Tea Cup Coffee Storage Holder with 6 Hooks Home Kitchen Mug

Featuring a trio of dowel arms, this mug storage tree is the perfect eclectic touch to your kitchen counter. It keeps your mug on display – while saving lots of table space for storage.

The six ends allow you to hang your favorite cups and mugs in the corner!

6. Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder

Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder

Create a sleek, modern and minimal appeal with this space-saving wall paper holder on your kitchen counter. Paper towels if not cared for properly can really create a mess – and they really are a great way to organize these utilities in the most creative way possible.

In addition, it will keep your kitchen table neat and tidy at all times. Place this towel holder just above the sink for flexible use.

7. Wall Spice Rack

Wall Spice Rack

Storing condiments and arranging them at the same time can be quite a tedious task. And since they take up quite a bit of your desk space – it’s best to splash some creativity on the walls. Yes! This two-tier wall-mounted rattan spice rack brings a cool and lively atmosphere to your kitchen.

Featuring a chic boho style, beautiful linear rattan strands come together to form an eye-catching statement on the wall.

8. Create a Pleasing Appeal By Spacing Out Items

Create a Pleasing Appeal By Spacing Out Items

When arranging your kitchen counter storage and organizing the countertops, ensure to evenly space out the cookware to create a clean and minimal look. It will definitely exhibit calm and tranquilizing vibes and at the same time, fostering positive energy throughout the kitchen.

For instance, have a look at the arrangement above. Isn’t that total bliss?

9. Wicker Basket Counter Organizers

Use Baskets To Organize Your Small Kitchen

When in doubt – take advantage of wicker baskets to store your kitchen accessories and other trifles. They not only play very functional but also add a natural and organic vibe to kitchen countertops and shelves.

With an authentic rustic and bohemian touch, this basket tends to make a stunning appeal. Moreover, you can even use it for various purposes in your child’s room, play area and home office.

10. Windermere Tiered Stand

Windermere Tiered Stand

Create more space with standing shelves! The three-tier stand adds an extra opportunity to store your food, delicious appetizers and desserts. Apart from the kitchen counter, you can even use it for display at parties and get-togethers.

This riser offers a beautiful and simple way to triple the surface for storage. And when not in use, you can simply unpack and store it in the closet.

11. Corner Riser Shelf

Corner Riser Shelf

Small kitchen countertop organization can be well optimized with some of these attractive corner riser shelves. They double the opportunity for storage and display – and meanwhile, provide a platform for beautiful and attractive aesthetics.

You can fit it neatly into the corners of the desk and even the desk space in the home office. Also, be sure to play with color through strands, kitchen utensils, and bottles.

12. Selena Bar Cart

Selena Bar Cart

Tidy up your kitchen counter and arrange all your kitchen necessities on the bar cart. These ultra-slim carts tend to have a modern and contemporary feel – and can be a lovely décor element. And because it has a wheel base, you can move it around easily!

So, it’s time to take advantage of that empty corner and set this bar cart right there! It’s also a great space-saving small kitchen organization idea.


Are you ready to make the most of your kitchen space? Even for feng shui purposes, it is best to have a well-organized kitchen counter. Now that we’ve covered 12 smart countertop organization ideas, are you interested in including them?

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