Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta, Hurricane season, Average Weather by Month

The most effective time to visit Puerto Vallarta is in between April and also June when the weather is positive as well as the room prices are cost effective. During these months, rain is scarce as well as there are fewer vacationers. If you have an interest in whale watching, however, visit from January to March. Just prepare yourself for the area’s most expensive travel fares.

Best time to visit puerto vallarta

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The peak season, at the very least for US/Canadian site visitors, is mid-January to very early March. You can be virtually certain of regularly warm days (it has rained just when in my seven years of entering that duration), and also the high temperature each day will certainly likely be in the 79– 86F array.

Obviously the crowds at Christmas/New Years are a problem. Pursue March, as well as it ends up being a bit meaningless as the weather condition in the US/Canada is boosting. Pursue April, and you’ll experience the wet season and also really high moisture. I think it rainfalls a lot in the summer.

You’ll see Puerto Vallarta at its best currently of year, as temperature levels normally stay in the mid-70s with very little rain. Nights can be awesome– typical lows dip down to 60 levels Fahrenheit– so pack long sleeves. The trade-off for the exceptional climate is high prices; room rates are greater than $400 an evening at a few of the very best hotels.

The best time in terms of missing huge holiday crowds is mid January with February. The weather is image perfect and every little thing is open for company. The bay is typically tranquil, that makes watercraft trips as well as water taxi rides enjoyable. It’s not unusual to see whales, and also it is typical to see dolphins when cruising the bay to any among a dozen feasible destinations.

The weather condition is additionally fine throughout December as well as in March, however the holidays bring in a lot more site visitors. Unless you like large groups, that can be thought about a negative. The only various other downside is that the mountains will certainly have lost some of the extremely, lush green that they present during the wet season.

When to visit puerto vallarta

best time to visit puerto vallarta

best time to visit puerto vallarta via

By all means get away from the wintertime cool and also appreciate this charming city and the bay around it.

You’ll discover that the vacationer crowds have begun to reduce right now of year as well as, the good news is, the temperature levels still aren’t also hot. Look to visit in May particularly, when the average is between 70 as well as 80 levels Fahrenheit. And an included incentive: there are some very sweet hotel deals at this time of year.

Puerto Vallarta’s temperatures spike one of the most in summer, as well as there are typically short bursts of rain. Plane tickets and hotel prices are usually at their least expensive, so load an umbrella and take pleasure in the discounts.

October is a respectable time to visit PV. Temperature levels vary between the mid-70s and high 80s and also the room prices are still relatively low. Keep in mind that traveler season begins to perk up once again when November hits. A number of vital events take place right now of year, too.

If you do not absolutely should stay in Puerto Vallarta itself, you could delight in a fantastic Christmas period in the area, at a small beach community called Guayabitos. It is just outside the main town. Sure it does get frequented by the people from Guadalajara, so you would certainly have to book. Yet the coastline is much more soothing and also the greenery pattern behind the beach is extremely tropical, looks a little bit like Hawaii.

If I had the choice to go there, I would certainly choose late loss, not spring. The water is hottest in September as well as in November, the Pacific hurricane period is performed with. November is a very good month in western, even northwestern Mexico – and definitively no groups.

The area around Puerto Vallarta is well-known for its very hot, moist, sticky summers. Even if it does not rain (wet season in Mexico does not suggest daylong uninterrupted deluges), it is extremely unpleasant, and also there are lots of insects. And there is the weird hurricane that can strike the shore, but you are more likely to see among those at Baja, than on the mainland coast.

Best time of year to visit puerto vallarta

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta

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Several shy away from traveling during hurricane season, and also understandably so; typhoons at their most tame could mean continuous rainfall throughout your potential “fun in the sunlight” trip, as well as at their worst could result in forced evacuations, significant destruction, and– in extreme cases– death. In these cases,

the storms usually take unforeseeable turns; luckily, while never ever 100-percent precise, weather forecasting nowadays is quite innovative and also consequently, some travelers purposefully select the hurricane period for spending their trip days.

Why? Well, typhoon period– in Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as past– sees fewer vacationers and drastically reduced costs, as well as some appealing gnarly waves for hardcore internet users that search storms in order to benefit from the swells they produce.

Yet is it actually risk-free to take a trip throughout typhoon period? Considering Mexico is just one of one of the most popular destinations among our individuals year-round, we made a decision to chat with professionals to figure out if taking a trip to Mexico throughout its storm season is really an “okay” point to do. Below’s the scoop.

When is Mexico’s storm period? puerto vallarta 

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta via

Mexico’s storm season runs from June 1 to November 30, yet the country goes to its highest threat of strong tornados from August through October. As an example, Category-4 Typhoon Odile hit Los Cabos in late September 2014 and Storm Patricia caused comparable destruction in Puerto Vallarta in October of in 2015.

As Jason Meyers, a tornado guard meteorologist, recommended us, “If you wish to avoid hurricanes completely, travel there in the cooler months of December with March, or go really early or late in the cyclone period, like in November or June. April and Might are additionally beyond cyclone period.”

Are some locations in Mexico much better shielded from tornados and also typhoons than others?
The majority of professionals fast to state that playing an “odds” game throughout Mexico’s storm period is a high-risk one. “Every mile of the coast of Mexico is susceptible to a cyclone,” Dennis Feltgen, a meteorologist at the National Typhoon Center in Miami, told “It only takes one storm striking your location to make it a poor year.”

Of course, if you’re not set on a coastline location, inland areas such as Mexico City rarely see hurricanes of any kind of magnitude. As a matter of fact, the capital is often a relocation location during hurricanes.

As well as while locations along the Yucatan Peninsula commonly see a great deal of the country’s hurricanes, Kerry Emanuel, Professor of Atmospheric Scientific research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explained to us that “the chance of a strike lowers from north to south. Cancun has had, and will certainly have, violent storms.”

So travelers may consider destinations south of it, such as Tulum. Nevertheless, we need to note that Professor Emanuel offered Belize, significantly additional south of Cancun than Tulum, as his instance of a practical choice, saying “Hurricanes do happen in Belize, yet are somewhat less most likely there. The west side of the Yucatan has numerous tornados, yet nearly all of these have actually been damaged by their passage across the peninsula.”

Feast Americana Puerto Vallarta

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta via

So yes, we ‘d be remiss to adamantly mention that a person seaside area of Mexico is ensured to be more secure compared to one more, but there are geographical factors you could try to find that typically point to a location being reasonably well-protected. For example, Jeremy Rolph, a projection professional and meteorologist for

who additionally works as an aide in study at the Facility for Ocean-Atmospheric Forecast Researches at Florida State College, clarified to us that storms normally don’t form in locations along the equator, and also bays provide all-natural protection.

Additionally, both Meyers and also Emanuel concurred that Mexico’s Pacific Shore is often a better wager– if you’re going to bet, that is. “Nearly all hurricanes that develop off Mexico’s Pacific shore traveling westward, out to sea, and do not impact Mexico, but unfortunately there are exceptions, Patricia being a case in point,” Emanuel claimed.

“As a whole, the threat is greater along Mexico’s Atlantic seaboard compared to its Pacific.” Popular Pacific Coastline destinations in Mexico consist of Puerto Vallarta (which is also safeguarded by a bay) and San Jose del Cabo.

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Just how will the 2016 hurricane period be different?

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta via

Meyers confirmed that the Pacific Coastline is less most likely to be hit by a typhoon, particularly this period, saying, “If we’re playing the likelihoods game, you would certainly be far better off on the Pacific Coast this year given that the Atlantic storm season is anticipated to be much more active compared to the Pacific storm period thanks to the weakening El Niño and also strengthening La Niña.”

Unfortunately, however, the 2016 hurricane season is looking specifically endangering for both coastlines. According to Crown Climate Services, this period will certainly be considerably stormier compared to last;

in fact, they’re forecasting that it will certainly be one of the most energetic given that 2012. reports that the steepest boost in tornados will certainly occur between August 20 as well as September 11 this year.

Just what are the best ways to plan for a visit to Mexico during typhoon season?

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta

best time of year to visit puerto vallarta via

Although the numbers were a lot reduced compared to those of the high period, numerous hundreds of vacationers still checked out Mexico in 2015’s typhoon period.

Actually, the variety of site visitors in June and also July (the start of hurricane period) was significantly greater than the number of those who saw in April as well as May. So for visitors that would certainly still like to take a trip to Mexico now with November, there are some things you can do to be much better prepared.

First, there’s the evident: track the weather condition before your departure, and pay attention to neighborhood weather channels as well as authorities. Basically, if you’re advised not to take a trip, do not. It’s always much better to be safe compared to sorry.

You can additionally acquire travel insurance coverage for some satisfaction. “You can’t obtain travel insurance for a hurricane after it’s been stated,” Phil Sylvester, Traveling Insights Editor at Globe Nomads, clarified. “So the leading pointer for vacationing in storm season is to examine the climate and also don’t make any reservations or payments if there’s a called typhoon energetic in the region of your destination.

Best time to visit puerto vallarta mexico

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best time of year to visit puerto vallarta via

“Once your destination is considered hurricane-free, however, it’s smart to acquire traveling insurance immediately. As Sylvester says, “Safeguard your financial investment if an additional hurricane ought to appear suddenly.”

Thankfully, travel insurance policy not only shields you if you have to cancel due to a cyclone at home, yet also aids in getting your cash back if a typhoon hits your destination– whether you’ve arrived yet or otherwise. As Sylvester described, travelers with traveling insurance policy have the adhering to rewards:

You can cancel your trip and get your cash back if your airline or cruise ship line declares a “cessation of provider solution” lasting at the very least 24-HOUR.

If your travel plans are postponed for at least six hours because of a tornado, you can be repaid for costs that arise because of this, such as hotel spaces and also meals.

When you have actually reached your destination, if a storm makes your holiday accommodations unliveable, you could cancel and obtain your refund for pre-paid expenditures.

You could likewise come back approximately $25,000 if you need to leave the destination based on a suggestion from local authorities or the United States State Department.

What are some beachy options that may be much better protected from storms compared to Mexico?

As pointed out earlier, Belize is typically less most likely to see storms compared to lots of coastal parts of Mexico. A small country in Central America that shares a border with Mexico as well as Guatemala, Belize is known for its lavish rain forests and Mayan ruins.

And while lots of countries in the Caribbean have hurricanes travel through every year, “the far south Caribbean, like Barbados, Curacao, and Aruba, have very occasional tornados,” Emanuel says.

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